One Day’s Documented Chemtrail Activity. See something, say something.wmv

This Movie is a First in that I filmed it in it’s entirety over the course of 1 single day, in sections (takes). It gave me the Opportunity to chronicle just how much they sprayed on us in a 20 mile radius & a chance to work on editing skills. I purposely left my emotions unedited to show that I am feeling BETRAYED by the very Country I and ALL MY ANCESTORS believed in, served and fought for. I refuse to believe that we Americans have allowed this Nation to deteriorate and be taken over by arguably THE SINGLEMOST ROGUE ADMINISTRATION America has ever known. What really IRKS me is the incredible levels of Ignorance, Complacency & DENIAL shown by the majority of fellow Americans. For the Govt to label Constitutionalists & Veterans as TERRORISTS is ABSURD! America’s PUBLIC SERVANTS would do well to REMEMBER their SWORN OATHS. Though I TRY to give everyone benefit of doubt and Respect, given current actions, out of touch representation & passage of unconstitutional Laws – giving the POTUS Carte Blanche to be a Dictator per Executive Orders I find it difficult to do so. This Socialist, Liberal group is an abomination, an embarassment to all true Americans. They hold the sanctity of human life in very low to NO regard & think they can do as they please, disrespecting ALL VETERANS and the countless LIVES LOST to ensure our Freedom in this Republic. They just as soon SPIT on the graves of all our forefathers that sacrificed life & limb for America. We’ve been sold out, betrayed

22 thoughts on “One Day’s Documented Chemtrail Activity. See something, say something.wmv

  1. SuperDeltaBravo1

    – It’s important that everyone know what we are actually dealing with. I’m here to help along those lines because I have the entire picture. Remind me to communicate with you about this via PM or email. Stay alert & keep your immune system strong but understand the? “cat thrown in the microwave” principle. Once mankind understands & gets past ignorance & denial, we may then work on remedial action globally. See UN book “Agenda 21” & Dr Laibow’s “Codex Alimentarius”. Good luck, good day

  2. sickofnousername

    we get them here in victoria australia did not see? any on new years day tho maybe they had the day off too ?

  3. SuperDeltaBravo1

    – Thank you. Wishing you & yours all the best in 2012,? as I do everyone. Afterall, we are ALL in this together!
    SDB1/ Bulldog~

  4. SuperDeltaBravo1

    – Thanks. I certainly will. I’ll sub you too & extend a friend? or contact invitation. I try to do this with everyone but sometimes I get side-tracked & forget to.

  5. bab8649

    The same over missouri. check out my videos take on 12/29/2011.. chemtrail assault missouri? Warning.

  6. SuperDeltaBravo1

    – I will. Please sub me as I will you. It is important? that we all stand together. We are alive at a very critical time in the History of mankind & planet Earth!

  7. SuperDeltaBravo1

    – Don’t lose Heart. It’s gut check time my Brother.? Together! We must come together as ONE and STOP THIS! Thanks for viewing & commenting. May we all Hope for a truly great 2012. Indeed – it IS Time for the Great Awakening! I wish you & all mankind, ALL THE BEST & PEACE!

  8. SuperDeltaBravo1

    – Together! We must come together? as ONE and STOP THIS!
    Thanks for viewing & commenting. May we all Hope for a truly great 2012. Indeed – it IS Time for the Great Awakening! I wish you & all mankind, ALL THE BEST & PEACE!

  9. mbslaade

    I totally agree with you all! I’ve? never been one to rant and rave about anything “abstract”, yet I post my video documentation on fb and no one says a word. I get more responses by saying good morning. Frustrating indeed, but I won’t stop! Keep up the good work my friend. Our lastest spray down was the 15th. I’ve posted it on my channel if you wanna take a peek. God Bless and Happy New Year (we can only hope).

  10. dan32749

    I am awake and with you i will upload a vid today they sprayed all morning in chicago nice vid stop by? my page to see a wicked chemcloud thanks for posting!!


    as far as people not noticing…I have several videos with me filming in the middle of my street pointing straight up and people walk by and never once look up? to see what I’m filming…I’m outside the homedepot in a wide open parking lot with a full view and mention to people leaving to look up and see what’s happening…treat me like I’m begging for change…

  12. SuperDeltaBravo1

    @SuperSparky2012 – Indeed it is Sparky. Most never bother to look up @ the sky? & they are unaware of GMOs, nanotechnology or anything that is actually REAL. They are spraying know toxins, carcenogens and DISEASE on us. People are so simple minded that by the time they fall sick, catch on or DIE, it’s too late! We’re all breathing, drinking & ingesting toxic crap. NEVER would I have believed the human race could stoop this low due to GREED! If people haven’t caught on by now, they’re screwed. HNY

  13. SuperDeltaBravo1

    – Start at the top with the United Nations and Agenda 21. Proceed to Codex Alimentarius & World Health Organization. THIS IS A GLOBAL OPERATION. Most countries have delegates/ UN ambassadors. That’s how & why! David Keith/ Royal Society. All these people have taken complete? leave of their senses & should be dealt with accordingly. I am American with deep family roots that date back to the very beginning of this fledgling Nation. They were Spanish, Irish & Dutch & Amer Indian. TYVM

  14. SuperSparky2012

    You are so right,WTH are most people brain dead?Iam 50 yrs old have have asked people from teenaged to 80 yrs old (“have you noticed those lines in the sky?”)The answers range from,”yeah -so what”,Uh-no,never really payed attention,its pollution?,uh-what are they?It is so sad when you talk to people 40-60 and they dont seem? concerned,Damn its frustrating!

  15. TruthSeekerUK

    The US? and UK are the most heavily sprayed countries in the world, i am still looking into this :)


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