One of the best Chemtrail videos ever.Holland under attack-Chemicals everywhere

Best chemtrail vid ever which shows that we are being sprayed with chemicals and heavy metals.Affecting human,animal and plant life.This video is the work of…

25 thoughts on “One of the best Chemtrail videos ever.Holland under attack-Chemicals everywhere

  1. Jason Richardson

    I have music? that reflects much about these times. I definitely make a call about the chem-trails in my song “These Times.” I want you to help my music spread around too about these issues. ? I wish you the best. I will continue to do what I can. Love and check out my channel too please.

  2. smokey66662

    In my naivete as a young nipper i always failed to see the bigger picture, which was this. After she was done knitting it, i was forced to? wear that jaggy b@stard of a jumper :) People need to start paying attention to the bigger picture.

  3. illusion_is_over

    no worries man.all thanks goes to MrMinuteMen who channel is in? description box.i do like your knitting analogy :) peace

  4. smokey66662

    This reminds me of when i used to watch my gran knit when i was a wee? nipper. She would start out with a single thread of wool, but by the end she would have a jumper. Somewhere a lightbulb just blinked on :)

  5. illusion_is_over

    we had a few clear sunny days here in ireland,but i know theve been spraying some other stuff which dissapears quick? and could see the particles falling when looking at sunlight at certan angles.been overcast the past few days here now so cant really see if they are spraying but still got the coughing and hacking which is sign they are still doing it

  6. auder

    It’s May 30, 2012. There have been NO CHEMTRAILS in Los Angeles for over 3 weeks. The sky has been unreal beautiful. I’d forgotten how great L.A. can be when the air is breathable and the? skies are blue and clear. What is going on where ever you all are? Please let me know if it is chemtrail business as usual or if they aren’t, whoever they are, spraying your area.

  7. seniut

    good good. we need to record this shit as a proof. it will be a time? when all scums who are responsible and who knows about that WILL pay.

  8. illusion_is_over

    i come across people like that all the time when trying to explain this stuff,it’s an automatic reaction for them when? hearing they truth,they ignore it because they may have to do something about it and they dont wanna do anything because they’ve gotten too comfortable over they years.truth requires change and most dont wanna someone once said”you can ignore reality,but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality”

  9. videocity65

    One of my old high school friends is a commercial pilot. He absolutely refuses to? even consider the possibility that we are being sprayed from planes. I’ve shown him mountains of evidence. The one question he will never answer is “Can a contrail remain in the sky for six to ten hours.” His reaction to that question is weird… like he just disconnects from reality for a minute and won’t answer.

  10. illusion_is_over

    there’s a few of us who hand out dvd’s and stuff.always have dvds in my pocket everywhere and go and talk to people who i meet,strike up a? conversation,give them a dvd


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