One Of The WORST Chemtrail Assault over 20 mins!!!

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24 thoughts on “One Of The WORST Chemtrail Assault over 20 mins!!!

  1. FalseFlagAmerica8675

    check out one of the biggest Chemtrails i have? seen
    HUGE DEATH Chemtrails in LAS VEGAS

  2. DontPutSpiceonRice

    I’m not going to argue with you. Some people are too far gone? to see the truth. You can die in paranoia, I don’t care. Just some crazy over youtube. I’ll probably get assaulted from this comment, but whatever.

  3. Spherian7

    All Hail Chemtrailia !! “Persistent contrails”? can only form when humidity at altitude is over 55% and extra cold for the altitude. This causes a supersaturated state so that H2O engine vapor is seed that causes re-precipitation out of dissolved (high humidity) state, which freezes and continues the process. HOWEVER, the conditions for this exists about once a year. The frequency of the mega trails is itself alone enough to prove these are a water-loving chemical aerosol spray. I salute you !

  4. jcblrui

    They are killing mankind…here in Spain “they are spaying those stuff over our heads…Aluminium, Barium, estrocium, and who knows what else …those Crazy Devils…we are coacKroaches for them……. suggestions.for who can read and act…find all info in youtube about those trails and subscribe them …it’s just the way to fight? them..just giving the others more info…Or maybe one day Bombing their planes.
    as it look like few people want to see the sky..our former skies. SPREAD THE MESSAGE.

  5. Cindy S's

    Normal to leave a vapor trail? that last all day and becomes clouds? Really? How about you watch (what in the world are they spraying). That might just be enough proof for you. Or google geoengineering or chemtrails. Or just look up and watch what those trails become,

  6. Cindy S's

    You know what really scares me is that you might really believe what you just said. Just tell me one thing. When did our clouds start coming from the ass end of a plane? Wake up Gus vapor trails go away, they DON’T become clouds and last all day. I know it’s scary to think that, but it’s true.? Our governments are spraying crap in the air. You can pretend you don’t see it, but unless your blind, you do.

  7. Count Down

    If? you were 30 + years old, you would know this is NOT normal airplane condensation. You probably think Muslims did 9/11 also, don’t ya?

  8. Count Down

    You really are a sheep, baaaa, baaaaah, bahh, baaaaaaaaa! Wake up Gust!? How old are you? You should know better, old timer.

  9. MattBlytheTheOne

    If they were just vapour trails why don they evaporate?? Why doesn’t the government investigate this phenomenon which didn’t exist 30 years ago? Why are we already at 20% depleted sunlight? Ps. Do all blind shills wear cowboy hats?

  10. MattBlytheTheOne

    Yep it’s like this most days now on the south coast and over major cities. What are going to do with all this evidence? Some plains leave? chemtrails, some don’t. They are all running the same fuel allegedly? They are depleting the sunlight in an attempt at global cooling but is increasing the greenhouse affect and is their justification for the global warming myth.

  11. Mark Davies

    Vapor trails/Con trails do not spread out like this and last for hours.
    Con trails/Vapor trails do not cover the sun like a blanket.
    You sir are a complete and utter moron for posting such utter shite.
    At? least post some facts?.
    Look at the sky.Wake the fuck up you unconscious puppet.

  12. FalseFlagAmerica8675

    Weather Modification,Incorporated Website Clients? & Projects
    nasa aerosol
    w w w ( dot ) ( dot ) html

  13. Gust Linjala

    I have never seen so many paranoid? people afraid of vapor trails because somebody claims they are chemical laden without showing any real proof to to their statement. Reminds me of the story about the chick that was hit by an acorn and had everybody thinking: “Oh my, the sky is falling, the sky is falling.

  14. kingg213

    Oh yeah that’s a valid argument! You are wrong! Find sources that state contrails will last for hours and hours and? turn the entire sky as far as you can see to a haze and post? the links here so the rest of the class can see! Otherwise you have no valid argument! They are spraying something for some reason and they aren’t telling us why! They admittedly did weather modification in Vietnam what makes you think they have stopped and not gotten better at it?


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