25 thoughts on “One Wild Chemtrail! Looks Like A missle Launch

  1. Bunnididitagain

    from an old article from 2009. Even if we assume that these trails have nothing to do with eugenics or weather modification, we cannot ignore the fact that our skies are being heavily polluted with aviation fuel emissions that contribute towards a host of different health problems. As far as Im aware, jet engines run on kerosene (paraffin). Up until the 1990s, most petrol-driven road vehicles used? leaded petrol, which was not only harmful to the environment, but caused asthma as well as lowering

  2. brenda4575

    Seeing alot of these trails in upstate New york,AND ALOT of Airplane activivity,,way way more than I have ever? seen ,,,,,yep strange things surley happening all over the Globle,,,,Thanks you for all you do,,blessings B

  3. ShroomGirl0004

    Yes, yes, yes. Last week for the? 1st time I saw a dark smoke colored chemtrail coming from a chem-plane!! And of course, there was an ‘X’ in the sky with the 2 dark smoky trails trails..
    What’s up with those X’s anyway?

  4. lilactreehouse

    Why does no one demand an answer about what they are doing? The majority of people don’t seem to? care. Why?

  5. cpepe223

    I think that common courtesy dictates that the pilot (s) inform those beneath as to what the? hell he is doing

  6. thefosters08

    To hell with you for seeming so sure of your self you are? so out of touch with what’s happening in front of you…you know NOTHING about physics..if u knew anything about physics u certainly wouldnt be making yourself look so foolish like u r now ……snap out of it.!!!

  7. thefosters08

    4 possible reasons on why they chem spray. My first guess is the sun..or Ozone layer…… 2nd is national security purpouses. 3 rd weather modification or. Lastly.? ….killing us off. Whatever the reason there hiding for cant be good in fact it must be pretty darn serious being there spending up to 4 million bux per spraying campaign

  8. thefosters08

    Ive seen these before in phoenix it nuts man. Almost never see the plane …like nothings there…They’ve been really laying this chem shit on us a lot latley and the messed up thing people don’t have the slightest clue? ….sickening

  9. DJjaaz19

    For a short time only we introduce the new and improved trail. More powerful and dangerous than ever before, and for a limited time you? can have the new and improved trail above your yard for absolutely nothing. That’s right, nothing. Free of charge.

  10. carpentersdaughter2

    That is really strange looking. I see these chem trails all the time here and that one looks? so much different. I guess they hate us in Utah.

  11. rainagain777

    “Chemtrails”, the ignorant side of the conspiracy movement.
    Yeesh, there are real threats. Get a grip on temp/humidity/dewpoint.
    If they ARE spraying us, we wouldn’t be able to tell that apart from the usual condensation caused trails. It would be? easier for them to just put stuff in our water.
    It’s just physics, and this is from an end time believing Christian.

  12. Mrwholeearthmineral

    @stealthwavef22raptor I just posted a comment then I saw yours lol,its? relevant to what you posted.Go back and. read it,if u want to of course.God bless

  13. 1Daphdong

    Good catch, It does not look like a chemtrail,? perhaps it was a missile. The lamestream media nor the Administration would tell you.

  14. Mrwholeearthmineral

    Hey pastor dave,I took a quick 30sec video with my droid of chemtrails over my house last fall, and when I played it back,by pure chance I paused it at 14sec into it and noticed an orb!! no joke! then at 22 and 24sec into? it I saw another! total of 3(idk if same orb but it was diff x’s),i showed my church the vid that night.Then I tried to explain it to the sheep lol

  15. Jerry2665

    Hello hyungs., Very good catch,, Be safe out there.. Thank you for? sharing your video… Peace,,,,


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