Orgonite CB dissolving a Chemtrail

this what it looks like when an orgonite cloudbuster dissolves a chemtrail. notice how the trail thins out and starts to crinkle up before vanishing? this is not normal behaviour for a contrail. let’s see if NIST can come up with a bullcrap explanation for this! if you see this happening to a trail you know there is a cloudbuster in the area. if you DO NOT see this happening, build a CB! :-) the small plane that flies by at low altitude is very common at my place. they come by every time there’s a chem spray happening, to check how the CB’s are affecting it. sorry for the shaky camera work. i just got this camera and don’t have a tripod for it. it seems the extreme zoom amplifies any movement of your hand. learn how to make a CB here: http or buy one here

25 thoughts on “Orgonite CB dissolving a Chemtrail

  1. FrozenAnarchy

    I lol’d at the random airplane at 4:30. “Gee, now YouTube can watch this plane fly overhead too.” lol

    That aside, that was pretty quick imo… Seems to me even on a windy day in my neighborhood the chemtrails stay around for a long time, certainly longer than a few minutes…

  2. RockingJamboree

    This looks like the wind dissipating a contrail. What is the connection between the contrail and the pipes in the ground? If it’s not the wind, shouldn’t the effects of the dissipation be centered near the pipes? Shouldn’t the contrail dissipate and then stay solid on the other side of the Orgone ChemBuster Zone of influence?

    How large is the Zone of Influence for these contraptions? Is the effect of two of them additive or are there diminishing returns? Are two busters twice as effective?

  3. soymilk43223

    I Know this might sound crazy, but should i take it seriously when I was just told a few months ago, from an Ex-Mason, that the Orgonite actually helps cover up the chem-trails, and actually enhances the signal sent by towers. Or should I ignore than and his recent “odd” death???? Just asking.

  4. woodwhips

    Oh come on… They have to land at airports; there are not enough military air bases for all the planes to be taking off and landing at those. So if they are landing at airports, air traffic control would be pretty suspicious when there was no pilot… Its the fuel.. Richer fuel is being burned and the pilots have no clue what they’re doing. Its in high school textbooks now, claiming to be a program to layer the atmosphere with reflective metals to combat global warming…

  5. rahayden2002

    i used to think people that talked about chemtrails were nuts, but after watching this event almost everyday, i have learned to see that this is for real. They spray just about everyday and its all over the world.

  6. woodwhips

    Doesn’t all jet fuel release Barium when burned? Has this always been the case? I just really don’t feel pilots think they are “poisoning” the population every time they fly they’re plane, or many of them would quit or be speaking out WAY more.

    I just think the Jet fuel has been changed to a “richer” formula that releases more toxins when burned? This way every plane is unknowingly releasing more toxins than necessary, and the pilots feel this is normal.

  7. SpawnZer0

    @critterthepirate so true, just watch they will try to make cloudbusting illegal, and say its harmful in some way…. still won’t stop me tho.

  8. ChemtrailsEire

    @robertabramson Contrails form at approx 30:000 feet. Chemtrails are only approx 2000 feet up. Go check it out before dissing science.

  9. drummerDENY

    @critterthepirate They do know, they are pissed, but they have plenty more stuff going on aside from chemtrails. Chemtrails are one out of many operations.

  10. kaysho

    They are not just VAPOR trails robert…thats what you think they are which is fine…hopefully they will come for you first as your anti “anything that you dont understand outside of disney land” mentality needs addressing…peace

  11. kropking

    @ANTISLAVEBOY It’s probably worse than that. I don’t think he’s asleep. He’s most likely an enemy shill spreading disinformation. I’m not sure about the effects of orgonite yet, but chemtrails are definitely real.


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