OVERCAST a ground-breaking documentary about the chemtrail controversy

Make a donation for our crowdfunding campaign on http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/overcast OVERCAST is an investigative documentary on the phenomenon of man…

6 thoughts on “OVERCAST a ground-breaking documentary about the chemtrail controversy

  1. MrMaxBliss

    I have a whistleblower sharing revealing information that so far is genuine…I have had a meeting in Oxford with those that? are in the advances stages of the Governance for the regulations of Geoengineering….the solution the the fraud of Global warming…. Vikings were growing Barley in Greenland in the 13th C….then a little ice age…gues what we should be warmer…geoengineering is a cover for a weather warfare program….and the desire to push ” useless eaters” onto GMOs…Evidence is…

  2. FreeTruthShow

    could it be ??? yes it is a fact for the last twenty years. the skies ARE being sprayed. Thank? you and good luck with your film.


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