PAINTING IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER EP. 2 – “Chemtrail National Park” (pt. 1/3)

Welcome to Chemtrail National Park, Patriots!… On this episode of PAINTING IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER, radical artist and filmmaker Phil Lobo teaches basic cloud, chemtrail, mountain, tree and water techniques on a liquid white canvas while exposing the New World Order agenda of EUGENICS: the engineering of human evolution by use of poisons in chemtrails, tap water, food and medicine. For more info on chemtrails, eugenics, vaccines and the global economic collapse: WWW.INFOWARS.COM Don’t let the mainstream media clowns do the thinking for you! Stand tall, stand together America. Victory!

25 thoughts on “PAINTING IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER EP. 2 – “Chemtrail National Park” (pt. 1/3)

  1. faerydhhlo

    Free Energy is real and its here but the coverup is strong, if u are interested in a REAL free energy magnet motor then

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  2. LoboNWO

    @sixtiesmusiconly LOL. Thanks for watching Coach. Yes- its quite an amazing time to be alive to witness these foretold end times. Our actions (or inactions) will define the outcome.

  3. sixtiesmusiconly

    My question to the doubters is why does one jet put out the trails and another one a few minutes later does not? I never used to be a conspiracy nut but now days I need a tin foil hat. I knew America would tank one day but I didn’t think it would be in my lifetime. The elite believe the world can only support so many people so millions must die. But do they have the right to decide who will live and who will die? Phil, too much talent for one man. Keep it up! The painting, that is.

  4. LoboNWO

    @rapethemarket Thanks for watching, and thanks for serving our country… I prefer to be infamous, rather than popular. Way more fun… Be safe out there and let us know if you hear any good scoop in the military amigo.

  5. rapethemarket

    I love these videos man, keep em coming! You’ll get popular very soon i guarantee it. I’m in the military and know that they pollute colossally on a daily basis so based on our past i wouldn’t be surprised if this is true, even though i don’t know for sure!

  6. LoboNWO

    @shitmypants119… LOL! All the good smoke crops have been chemtrailed!… Thanks for the props, and thanks for watching… Valid points you brought up. For me, the chemtrail issue really boils down to one very important question: ARE WE BEING POISONED?? This is the same government that submitted our own troops to live atomic bomb testing, gave a platoon of pilots syphilis in the Tuskegee Experiment, and openly poisons our water supply with Fluoride. I don’t see revenue being a big priority.

  7. ar5281ar

    @shitmypants119, some more food for thought, what if money is an illusion that keeps people in slavery? do you not think they can print as much money as they wanted to? it’s only paper and really worth NOTHING. also wouldn’t it be ALOT easier to control less people than more? you got something right, just get a pair of binoculars and most importantly a pair of polarized sunglasses and observe these jets daily, i will bet my house you will see many anomalies, just gotta pay attention!

  8. infowazz

    “…..and we’ll put in a happy little chemtrail riiiiiiiiiiiight here. there he is, a happy little guy, waiting for his friends to join him……..” Sept. 1979.

  9. infowazz

    Bob Ross once painted the Grand Canyon so detailed that when someone went to touch it, they fell in and was never seen again. google that sheet.

  10. shitmypants119

    Just a little food for thought, if the gov. we’re to be behind this, why? killing its own population would equal less tax dollars, wich in turn would be less revenue. Those unmarked planes spraying exaust gases at 32,000 to 45,000 feet would infact be commercial aircraft, use a good pair of binoculars! Any and every aircraft is monitored and information is avalible through a bunch of websites. Your painting was awsome keep up the good work, and find some better smoke my friend.

  11. ThePaleWriter


    Lobo’s Get an external hardrive & download all of your favorites. It’s real easy. You can save wepages AND videos! I’ve been doing it for almost a year now & have over 15 video catagories, with wepages, videos, bookmarks, etc. It’s a good idea to do this because if the internet DOES go down (or gets “censored”) then you still have all your shit together.

  12. ar5281ar

    @LoboNWO ur right. would have really loved to hear what Bob thought about the skies today! enjoy it while we can! thanks a million!

  13. LoboNWO

    @ar5281ar Turned out that cloud guy Bob Ross turned out to be a CIA operative… j/k- He unfortunately died of cancer in the 90s but lives on forever on the internet. Enjoy the open internet while we still have it!

  14. LoboNWO

    Thanks gogmagog! Yep- learned most everything from William Alexander and Bob Ross. Imagine that- something decent came out of watching too much television growin up!

  15. ar5281ar

    awesome work! thanks for being awake and alive! makes me wonder what really happened to the little white puffy cloud guy on pbs! lol, or maybe not!

  16. gogmagog666

    This reminds me of the Bill Alexander we go firing in the happy happy chemtrails!! Thanks for a great laugh. Too bad most people are oblivious to what is happening right over their heads.


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