PAINTING IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER EP. 2 – “Chemtrail National Park” (pt. 3/3)

Welcome to Chemtrail National Park, Patriots!… On this episode of PAINTING IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER, radical artist and filmmaker Phil Lobo teaches basic cloud, chemtrail, mountain, tree and water techniques on a liquid white canvas while exposing the New World Order agenda of EUGENICS: the engineering of human evolution by use of poisons in chemtrails, tap water, food and medicine. For more info on chemtrails, eugenics, vaccines and the global economic collapse: WWW.INFOWARS.COM Don’t let the mainstream media clowns do the thinking for you! Stand tall, stand together America. Victory!

25 thoughts on “PAINTING IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER EP. 2 – “Chemtrail National Park” (pt. 3/3)

  1. AnonVeda

    Dem nice video dude. Your like the 21th century bob Ross. You should have a saying like Bob, for example most of the time he says “that’s one son of a gun”.

  2. paraxeno1

    @LoboNWO thanks for your great effort to inform us in such a clever and entertaining way 😀 have a great trailess week

  3. LoboNWO

    @paraxeno1 , gbedford, jackittafemme- THANK YOU for watching. Editing episode 3 as we speak. “Subliminal Bay” Look for it soon!!!

  4. gbeford

    OMG this is awesome.. Thank you… This is exactly what I was looking for… and fighting the NWO is a bonus!!! Keep them COMING!!!

  5. jackittafemme

    Yes, we all agree, We need a new way to see the real danger.
    I like your video!..Informative and easy to follow…You have charisma!,,,Congrats!
    Keep up doing so….

  6. LoboNWO

    Obrigado Ana! I’m using oil paint on a primer called “liquid white”. Bob Ross brand sell little containers. Its also called “magic white” with other brands. The liquid white is a soupy primer that does not dry quickly and keeps the canvas slick. It makes it easy to spread and blend large elements like sky and water. Thanks for watching! xoxo Lobo

  7. Ana000Mendes

    Love your work!!
    God bless you, Big kiss from Ana (PORTUGAL)

    Are you doing it with acrilics or oils?? And the white you talk about , is it gesso?

  8. jetsonjoe

    You are kind of goofy…but you are really good at what you do…good for you…you deserve more attention and your own television show…or whatever…Great.
    From another artist who says you can always learn from everyone. Paint on the new world order…PAINT>

  9. LoboNWO

    Grazie mille Giogiorn… And thank you to Caliban, icould, hevinox and USofTerror. Hopefully will have a new episode soon!

  10. LoboNWO

    Thanks Ray. We had a hike up in Arrowhead a few weeks back. Chemtrail storm swept in all day. The campaign is steadily rising right?

  11. LoboNWO

    Thanks mamaj and ajstone. We can only show the sheep the truth that lies outside the fence. Most will follow the herd, but some will decide to leap over. Keep spreading the word and we’ll eventually knock the whole F-ing fence down!


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