Perfect Chemtrail Comparison

A short video i took on vacation of 2 planes flying beside eachother one having a normal trail the other a chemtrail. Sorry about shaking i was filming it in a moving convertable with the camera in the air.Thank You

3 thoughts on “Perfect Chemtrail Comparison

  1. stars15k

    Over? Not by a long shot. You see, people start seeing the sky, looking up science, and realizing that “chemtrails” is a load of BS. It doesn’t make sense, never has never will.
    Here’s a little quiz: How much does a cloud weigh? Do you know? Do you know how much of a contrail composition is actually from the trail?
    Look it up and learn. The logistics of a single trail would require tankers, not just planes. Seen many tankers overhead?

  2. cdimmm

    Can you also show us the animated WWII fighter planes leaving the the big vapor trails behind them, thats my favorite. Didn’t they tell you stars, it’s over, you don’t have to make up this BS anymore.

  3. stars15k

    The planes might look close, but it’s a very hard thing to judge and requires specialized training. To me, they look far enough apart to say different conditions. Two different planes. No two engines run the same efficiency. That will make two different contrails. I’ll send you a link which shows what you claim, with the known reason.


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