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  1. Wakeupsleepyhead1984

    @KevinCali24 u would have gotten hepatitis ones in gr7,8 that u would need for hs. i know i got them in canada and when i moved to the usa in gr11 i had to prove that i had them. Not to mention it’s the one at birth that’s the killer- it’s a mainstream fact that it takes a 200 and something pound man for the shot to be taken safely (i don’t know the exact weight off hand and i’m doing something lol)

  2. KevinCali24

    @KevinCali24 Guess what, I started having chronic fatigue and stomach problems for many years after that. even though i was healthy otherwise systems worldwide are totally broken, theres way too many lies and corruption going on, hiding the truth. but I have noticed things are changing lately, a lot more people are waking up quicker and quicker, starting to see the truth come out bit by bit

  3. KevinCali24

    @Wakeupsleepyhead1984 ya ive noticed almost all middle aged people 30-60 dont believe any kind of conspiracy against people could happen. I know theres exceptions but just seems to me when a 20 something tries to tell them about new world order. chemtrails vaccines etc they dont believe us… I think i got a vaccine when I was about 15 to play baseball for highschool.

  4. Wakeupsleepyhead1984

    the worst is the advertising aimed at children and especially old people for vaccinations. they make it seem like if you don’t get granny her shots you don’t love her lol! all i can do is laugh at this point because i can’t live pissed off anymore- we’ve lost completely. The only organized movement to fight this was completely planned and they’re under control 100% I looked into my local truth groups and it’s like they’re doing the cia’s work for them lol

  5. Wakeupsleepyhead1984

    @KevinCali24 it’s one thing when adults make decisions- but when u endanger children… a while ago my mom was talking about how there was an oprah episode where the topic was the rise in autism linked to ppl NOT getting their vaccs. you can see the graph of autism going up exponentially as thimerosal was added.. i hate middle class programming because it’s so complex that they think they’re smart. my mother is GLAD she got me vaccinations lol

  6. KevinCali24

    @Wakeupsleepyhead1984 my family doesnt really listen to me either… my sister got her 2 young children vaccinated…

  7. Wakeupsleepyhead1984

    @KevinCali24 my family was pressuring me to get one… They’re going to die happy in their servitude- good for them i guess

  8. KevinCali24

    @Wakeupsleepyhead1984 lol well i have short attention span when it comes to music. 😛 What I do is pick my favorite parts of songs, usually its the part with only instrumentals. Ya those vaccines scams are so obvious to me yet I know MOST who see them will believe it and run out and get vaccinated along with their children…

  9. Wakeupsleepyhead1984

    hey selector, why’d u kill the first one lol. The second was cool too, i like enya (shhh don’t tell anyone LOL)

    those vaccination scams are awful- i remember where i moved from there was a poster from the local board of health that involved half of a doctors face (one eye) and a message to get your vax. This is a joke to them

  10. KevinCali24

    @xAFROxSAMURAIx ya i was depressed and feeling like crap for months after I learned about all you listed above. BUT now, I’m happier than I was before I learned about all this stuff. Why? I have gotten myself much healthier than I was before with this new knowledge. It’s still depressing to know we are being poisoned deliberately, BUT I’m using this knowledge to my advantage to get myself healthier and happier. :^D I started eating healthier mainly.



    sadly i´m one of them…
    i allway was thinking cancer or aids is the worst.
    but then i i heard about morgellons and the chemtrail connection.
    and lot of other stuff , like aspartam , fluorides , gmo´s and so on…
    i used to love life but now its just … :o(

  12. KevinCali24

    @xAFROxSAMURAIx yes this all must stop. Too many people have lost their health partly because of chemtrails, vaccines etc. Thank you.


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