Place Your Chemtrail Order and Destroy the Planet PG-13

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24 thoughts on “Place Your Chemtrail Order and Destroy the Planet PG-13

  1. Bob Snyder

    What a great, horrible find. Please turn the light out.

    You know what? Enough is enough. Anyone? here have a community in which to share and discuss about this? I can’t find a good one. I will try to check back here later, or if you can message me on here. I’m not familiar with YouTube on an advanced level. Thanks.

    I have ideas I’m ready to start inplementing. I need to find like minded people. I’m alone here.

  2. phil hodge

    the US has always been? the creator of terrorism in order to prop up the petrodollar .All of the countries we have fuk’n for years & years have the right to act on our polititions just like Saddam & kaddafi got treated. I feel that would be true justice..

  3. phil hodge

    If you dont like the verbal selection of FUCK~FUCK~FUCK which is more than the? proper pronoun in this case., then go to walt you sissy lala boot kissing obamanoid

  4. letfreedomring43

    Hey Brother just recently found your channel and subscribed,You have some good shit man ,Keep up the good work.False flag this weekend maybe? I love how the Govt. official wont tell how they know there’s a terrorist threat or by whom except for, “They are a facet of Al Qaeda or maybe even Al Qaeda”.Our govt has become a almost comical web of lies and deceit. Do these idiots not realize that some of us actually know how,why and by whom Al Qaeda was? created?

  5. Dan Williams

    People are practically f—— on lievision, promoting the effeminate homosexuality, lesbianism, greed, gluttony, guys stuffing tons of food? in their mouth while children are starving, fake boobs, fake people, people backstabbing, getting on over on others, the F word is underrated!

  6. Dan Williams

    I Love the F word; pretty mellow guy, most people do not see my anger about all the sheer evil? of what “our” government is doing to humanity.

  7. FalseFlagAmerica8675

    your loss i’m not looking for friends.. i’m just looking to help wake people up to this shit that? is happening right above we the sheeple

  8. labmonkeynr12

    yes, cloud seeding and solar radiation management/stratospheric aerosol geoengineering are two different? things, but they can work together.

  9. FalseFlagAmerica8675

    they can spray us like rats and your concerned about the F? word?
    come on..sorry, next time i will put a parental advisory (( Rated PG 13 ))

  10. darran smith

    ok? i can get this information somewhere else that has a little bigger vocabulary i am unsubscribing from this channel


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