10 thoughts on “Planes and Chemtrails – Testing New Camera

  1. vyperius

    @poulter27 I wish there was a way? to see who had clicked dislike but there doesn’t seem to be. The cam I got is a HD Panasonic with 16.8 zoom, just wanted to see how close I could get on those planes, thought it was pretty good, a bit more zoom would be nice to really tighten up on them but hey Santa knows best.

  2. poulter27

    @vyperius Lol have a couple in my way on the fronts and backs .
    Have thought why can’t they get chopped down but realise thtas a bit selfish lmao?

  3. poulter27

    @vyperius No probs bud can tell it’s one of those before you said that.
    Cos this video is exactly what it says on the tin.
    Me I get dis liked on a? moon videoor chemmin vid.
    I make sure I upload one a day for a week or two lol.
    Think they expect you to think I’ll not bother people no likey lmao.
    That many cameras on the planet I’m sure if more were pointed up we would get some awesome footage proof

  4. vyperius

    @poulter27 Thanks bud, was just testing the zoom here will do more soon and use the tripod for a steady shot. I got 3 dislikes pretty quick I? was nearly crying lol.


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