Planes,Military Craft & Black Helicopters.

Planes, Military Craft and Black Helicopters (which seem to love hovering over me) LMAO Had alot of trouble making this film. Quality in some parts is not very good. Sorry about that.

25 thoughts on “Planes,Military Craft & Black Helicopters.

  1. psykedelicdude4

    there’s an airport, private and small for crop planes, that just? received a huge new hanger. it definitively doesn’t belong, and they got like 4 new black twin blade choppers added to their fleet.

  2. ReinhardvonHolst

    sorry my last comment was probably not 100% appropriate for this type of video but we all have to remember that it’s not all? doom and gloom out there. Peace.

  3. ReinhardvonHolst

    I recently took up meditation. Well, it beats sitting around doing nothing. 😉 PS, Hope you’re okay. Chill out and watch? some Stephen Lynch videos.

  4. ReinhardvonHolst

    I recently took up meditation. Well, it beats sitting around doing nothing. 😉 PS, Hope you’re? okay.

  5. ReinhardvonHolst

    Hey matey, they don’t need to kill you through trails…they’ll kill you through heart attacks. You’ll be looking out? of the window saying “Oh no, another chopper. Hide.” Don’t freak yourself out over it. I live near Heathrow and a dozen other military bases and it’s common around here. Yeah so one in a hundred might be odd but seriously it’s either cops looking for nutters, cops looking for heat signatures from drug houses, or just plain old Prince William flying from A to B.

  6. jamnoise72

    lol much love back at you xxxx Say hi to the grays for me at Area 51. I would ask you to go do a video for? me….but I love you and would not want to see you shot! I have seen the sign at Area 51 that shit is wrong!

  7. nonearlylove

    Wow, Here in Nevada, we have a place called Area 51… It looks like you might be in Area? 52… Much love from Nevada…

  8. jamnoise72

    Does it not get boring being you?? I can see why you have? to do this all day…troll i think they call you. I call you an arse now jog on.

  9. jamnoise72

    Are you trying to say that chemtrails do not exsist? Check out my other videos man, this is getting boring. So? what it is a jet, I don’t really care what it is, I aint doing this shit as a plane spotter lmao … i have seen it spraying shit over us. Sometimes it sprays others it does not. Nothing else for you to see or prove here.

  10. jamnoise72

    ‘Sorry I aint? have TV.’ Sorry I have not got a TV….? Go pray to ‘chemtrail’ that they may improve your grammar. lol

  11. jasonlreeve

    After my last comment i went? to my window! Looked Up, and what do i see. the same style plane flying over me. It is a private jet. not a chemtrail plane! I also filmed it. will upload in a mo!

  12. ella5024

    Lots of big plasma globs all over your videos! All these aircraft are fake! I’ve had every one of these at my house. I wish we could have the black helicopter video? analyzed to see what it is saying!


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