Predicting the New Madrid Earthquake: watch for the signs

Predicting The New Madrid Earthquake: Signs to watch: 1. Animal behavior: Are your pets suddenly disturbed or anxious? Are they missing completely? 2. Electromagnetic sensing equipment: Not normally associated with earthquake predictions can be used by your local power/utility company. 3. Putrid smells, like rotten eggs: Smells that are emitted when rock formations are pulled apart. 4. Massive Bird and fish die offs: Caused as methane is released from the disruption in the crust, other possibilities include HAARP and Chemtrail poisonings. 5. Colorful rainbow type clouds: These are being seen minutes before earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Theories suggest HAARP and Chemtrails or Electromagnetic discharges from bedrock. 6. Observing the dates nearby orbiting celestial bodies: The increase in gravitational pull from the alignment and distance and mass of the moon, sun, other planets, new comets like ELENIN or Planet X(brown dwarf star) will have a huge impact. FAIR USE NOTICE: These Videos may contain copyrighted (© ) material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Such material is made available to advance understanding of ecological, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, etc. It is believed that this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 USC Section 107, this

25 thoughts on “Predicting the New Madrid Earthquake: watch for the signs

  1. davyro66

    @xtcottonballx how do you know? i don’t mean to offend you i’d just like to know how you know because i’ve just been watching a video & this Christian was saying if you don’t believe in Jesus you’ll feel the wrath of God & you’ll be going straight to hell.So he doesn’t sound that cool to me.

  2. 1beinki

    I poke to an old college buddy last week who is involved in oil drilling, He concurs that the fracking done in the new madrid area will increase earthquake activity and now the ground is being saturated which will provide a more powerful quake due to liquification.

  3. tegf4

    Why you think they flooding out the New Madrid area just to make a lake and stop farmers to grow crops and promote the food prices to go up and help crash the economy? How about to make a major earth quake?

  4. reptiliandomination1

    @att2112 god wont do that people are not repenting or worshiping him. people worship money, greed ,controll, lust, personial disires ect so hes not going to give divine intervention until people start repenting.

  5. MrUranus100

    yeah we had an earthquake and 6 minutes before the eartquake hit, my cat was gone crazy, jumping, running

  6. Prayser

    There were earthquake lights over los angeles in june 2009. A 5 point something hit exactly 31 days later (i counted)

  7. kyonjaful

    for real saw those rainbow type clouds few weeks before 3.11 earthquake in japan!!
    and weird wave clouds before earthquake ,and after massive wave clouds over the sky!! is this illuminatt haarp or cause gods planet nibiru !? so much happening all over the world !! what do we really need to do??from years ago all kinds of prophecy are really happening!!we need to stand up, time may have come when all nation needs to become one and pray!!

  8. Zakk4TW

    Rumor of earthquake tonight in California USA 3/26/11…. United states time…. Nobody knows 100% hope not, but it was predicted so that would be a big breakthrough!!

  9. chaoscleaner

    @MsDarbrown Just how do you separate normal Mother Nature earthquakes from what you think Haarp does? Are they ALL now caused by Haarp? Did Mother Nature go on hiatus?

    And just FYI: “earthquake lights” have been recorded since 300 AD…was Haarp up and running then?

  10. semphony100

    May GOD be with the people of Arkansas if somethign happens today
    i have checked Google earth for earthquakes in this region over 20 earthquakes ranging from 2 to 3 in 1 day i guess thats gotta be a lot
    from Egypt may God keep u safe peace for all

  11. 1beinki

    A major 7.3-magnitude offshore earthquake rattled Japan on Wednesday 3-9-2011, swaying Tokyo buildings, triggering a small tsunami

  12. MsDarbrown

    Too late to we the people to say no thanks to HAARP, our tax payers dollars paid for it
    It is not too late…..the more people you tell and they tell…..we maybe able to pull out of this. We need to be brave….and not let those in power decide our future.

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