Pretty low flying Jet dumping DNA-like Chemtrail

Montafon, Austria, October 18th, 2011 – 14.45 h Extreme low flying Chemtrail-Bomber (not visible at causing endless Trail that looks alike sperm ­čś« Notice the Trails comming just out of the engines !?! That has absolutely nothing to do with condensation. If you don’t believe it, compare it with other vids of jets that cause a contrail. These days the jets crossing this aera extremely low like this one, but didn’t cause any trail at all !! Camcorder: Panasonic HDC-HS300 Dr. Ulrike Burkhardt vom DLR ├╝ber Kondensstreifen: (Deutsches Zentrum f├╝r Luft- und Raumfahrt) ‘Airline Passengers Told To Lower Shades During Chemtrail Spraying’

7 thoughts on “Pretty low flying Jet dumping DNA-like Chemtrail

  1. iondetox

    That was some weird stuff bro. They don’t? always spray the stuff that lingers. I’ve fought this since 1989 when they sprayed my crops. The county extension agent refused to consider aluminum but blamed all the crop damage and wildlife damage on mother nature. Now they are meeting to demand a UN tax on us for all the polution they are putting on us? Give me a break. Check out my channel for more information. This planet needs depopulating and I know who needs to go..

  2. TheChemicalSky

    @pixelcomet: Vielen Dank, gute? Idee !! Bei den n├Ąchsten Aufnahmen halte ich mal l├Ąnger auf so ein Ding. Sorry wg. der sp├Ąten Antwort. Hab keine Benachrichtigung bekommen :( Ich suchte gerade alle Videos nach neuen Kommentaren ab….

  3. ChemTrailsMN

    Thanks for your Video’s I encourage Everyone to Video above YOUR City? if you see ChemTrail activity and? upload to YouTube! Check out my videos also -over Minnesota USA — ChemTrailsMN —

  4. LibranEsq

    Ive seen them and That is exactly what they look like…weird long jagged tails …also looks like a jellyfish or something else horrible…what nasty filth thet spray and YOU have great video….********************** bry?

  5. pixelcomet

    Mach mal mit Stativ einen Zeitraffer von so einem rei├čenden trail.? Sieht dann aus, als ob man ein Gummiband zerschneiden w├╝rde und sich die St├╝cke zusammenziehen. Als ob die Fasern der Rotation der Wirbelschleppe irgendwann nicht mehr standhalten w├╝rden. So entstehen ├╝brigens auch diese Raupenf├╝sse, die als Mammatus wegerkl├Ąrt werden.


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