25 thoughts on “Prince talks about Chemtrails on TV

  1. coinflip79

    im done with you on the chemtrails so please stop already, lets just agree to disagree on the issue and move on. I think we have learned something from each other to not say this was pointless anymore. I did learn something from you, just not what you wanted me to.

  2. coinflip79

    @GregOrca You are still missing it. You still think i am trying to scare people. You havent gotten anything from our conversations. So, lets just agree to disagree here. I think that might be something me and you both can agree on. I am taking what you have given here with me and I hope you do the same, We can both learn from each other here.

  3. GregOrca

    Please try hard to understand.
    It is very simple.
    If there were poisonous chemtrails in the sky , then if you flew through them you could not help collecting those materials in an unfiltered aircraft

    80,000 planes fly through those trails EACH day. Planes have done that for decades.
    It’s not opinion but fact.
    NONE of the materials claimed EVER are found in these thousands of aircraft that fly through the trails.
    That’s because the chemicals simply are not there.
    It’s ICE.

  4. GregOrca

    If you had compassion ad understanding for others you wouldn’t be trying to make them scared of water.
    You wouldn’t be fear mongering and causing people to suffer depression and locking their doors whenever there is high relative humidity at altitude.

    You write nonsense like “some people see things differently” . Yes some people think the world is flat.
    They are wrong.
    Some people think the sky is full of toxic chemtrails. They are wrong. None are ever detected.
    There is none there

  5. coinflip79

    i see your point but there are others that say different. Not everyone says the same things. You didnt learn anything here. Im sorry your trying to make me angry backfired, its seems i pissed you off instead. But like i said, good day gregorca

  6. GregOrca


    If you actually researched it you wouldn’t believe in chemtrails.
    Here’s one of the 160,000 airliner pilots that fly every single day.

    I’m sure your careful study of conspiracy blogs will help you convince him he knows nothing about aviation ad he should listen to you.
    He’s an airline pilot what the hell would he know about the sky?

    How can you go wrong? You can tell him that atmospheric physics is just a matter of opinion.
    How can you fail?

  7. coinflip79

    People see things differently, dont you realize that. This is almost funny, We arent seeing eye to eye here. by the way, im not a dude. im a woman maybe thats why i have so much compassion and understanding for others. I will now say, good day gregorca, I hope from this you take understanding and respect for others

  8. coinflip79

    I do not live in fear. You cant scare me to research this. Its something I do because I want to know. So stop trying to make me angry, it wont work

  9. GregOrca


    Sorry dude but you guys have no idea how much negative emotion you cause!
    You deliberately spread FEAR of harmless water in the sky.
    You are spreading the idea that the harmless water ice in the sky is some sort of deadly poison and some evil govt is out to kill everyone with trails in the sky.
    Hundreds of thousands of gullible people fall for that hoax and live their lives in terror , thinking they are going to DIE from WATER
    You fear mongering idiot

  10. coinflip79

    you are still trying to get people to think like you, see it your way. agree with you. You just cant accept the fact that others research has lead them elsewhere. Maybe you need to put yourself in others shoes that have proved in cases otherwise. People are suffering from some experiments done and thats a fact. I dont have to prove any of this to you. Just stop for a min and look at it different. You are to focused on what you believe to be true.

  11. GregOrca

    Who cares. I don’t want you to jump on board or be anywhere near me. I just want to make you angry so you will be motivated to research and THINK.
    If you are not motivated to try to prove me wrong then you won’t bother to research things.
    If you don’t research and understand aviation you will remain ignorant and continue to believe in nonsense

  12. GregOrca


    Are you kidding? You are not helping people learn anything!
    You repeat long debunked nonsense and make unscientific illogical statements.
    I’m the one getting you to try to use your brain and look at the evidence.
    No aluminium or barium is found in airliners even though they fly through the trails every day.
    There is no filtering of the air from outside yet despite this NONE of the material you claim to be in the sky is ever found in the sky.
    You can’t explain why

  13. coinflip79

    You can throw documents around all day and you will take from them what you will. Everyone sees things differently. Please accept the fact that we all think differently, see things differently, we all dont agree on everything. That should be a good thing not a bad one. We all dont want that simple one minded brain. Ideas arent brought about working like a robot. Be accepting of everyone. We all have something to bring to the table here.

  14. coinflip79

    i guess im proud of you for still trying, i like to observe and that is what i am doing here. You try so had to stop others from using thier own brain. You will soon learn my friend that we can all think for oursleves.

  15. GregOrca


    I can post links to numerous verifiable scientific documents proving that normal ice crystal contrails can persist for many hours and can spread into cirrus clouds .
    If you claim that contrails can’t last for more than a few seconds then you should have no problem posting a link to an atmospheric science paper that backs up that claim.
    Put up or shut up.
    Cite an atmospheric science paper that backs you up.

  16. GregOrca

    ?”The spreading of jet contrails into extensive? cirrus sheets is a familiar sight. Often, when persistent contrails exist from 25,000 to 40,000 ft, several long contrails increase in number and gradually merge into an almost solid interlaced sheet.”
     ?from Peter Kuhn,” Airborne Observations of Contrail Effects on the Thermal Radiation Budget” published 1970.?
    ?Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences Volume 27, Issue 6 (September 1970)

  17. GregOrca

    Last too long for what? Your attention span?
    Normal persistent contrails can last for hours and spread and are documented to have done so for many decades.

  18. GregOrca

    Canadian Parliamentarian Mike Lake specifically mentioned “Bigfoot” in a paper submitted to the Canadian govt to have it protected by law.
    There you have it. The word “Bigfoot” tabled on an official document by the Canadian govt!
    The smoking gun of cryptozoology or just an example that a word on a piece of paper is just that. A word on paper. “Global Warming” is specifically mentioned on Govt bills too.
    Proof positive then?

  19. coinflip79

    he is a bit agressive and to argue with him is pointless. Chemtrils are specifically mentioned in HR 2977. People say it is a hoax but our government is clearly talking about them. Pay him no attention. People dont others thinking for them. Just pay him no attention.

  20. sensai67

    @Dionisis1313 he’s an agent there are plenty of them but the truth is still the truth. hahaha agent you lose and the world is waking up!!

  21. sensai67

    @GregOrca there is plenty of evidence. there were two students who collected samples for over two months and examined the samples and found very high levels of aluminum and barium. it was also on your mainstream fake ass news so now what agent?

  22. sensai67

    @GregOrca good morning agent. so how do you explain them. they definitely are not con trails from a jet, they last too long so what do you say mr.agent.


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