Project Bluebeam: Asteroids, Nibiru and Chemtrails.

There have been a lot of crazy UFO videos, and lots of propaganda related to extra terrestrials. Match this with H1N1/Swine Flu “epidemic”. Talk of Solar Flares… Asteroid Shields… Global Warming… Nibiru/Planet X and 2012. People speculate wildly about many things, I think it’s important…

25 thoughts on “Project Bluebeam: Asteroids, Nibiru and Chemtrails.

  1. Josephusofantioch13

    Most likely the thing to the right of the sun going down was Mercury or Venus. They’re usually best visible during sun rise or sun set.

  2. Zypher7777

    You present a very fair side to this argument. A common enemy unites regardless of race, color, or creed and united we may be by a false threat what peace would it bring? Peace by fear? Is that what we really need?

  3. obinwataje

    There are extra-terrestrials but they’re waiting to see if we’ll grow up and make that quantum leap into understanding that we’ve been enslaved by the Corporate Empire in collusion with Organized Religion. Spiritual Adults understand that God is Community in harmony with Nature.

  4. StopNWO11

    Copericus was wrong! He was bought, so was Keppler, Hubble, Einstein… the universe as we know it is a computer generated fantasy. NASA decides what goes as evidence. Thats like putting a fox to guard the chickens. We gut psuedo science and psuedo religion from the same kabbelist authors. fixedearth(dot)com

  5. StopNWO11

    We seriously dont have to fear any ET or any heavenly body hitting us, the universe is much smaller than they’re telling us, there are no ET’s… This is NWO propaganda from the 1930’s onward…(i.e.HG Wells) they’re killing God.

  6. academianon

    Indeed, project bluebeam, and all the other problems on this planet are human created. Lots of big manufactured crises popping up, etc. Mostly to keep us afraid.

  7. slobomotion

    My spouse and I had Bluebeam used on us near the Otis Installation on Cape Cod in 2000. This was being done a fair amount on the public in the US at the time, and has since stopped. It is fairly humane and really powerful. Greetings from France.

  8. CommanderUTube

    I think we are working on the same side. We may not agree on everything. But that’s how democracy works. Lets hope and pray that que sera sera, the Will of God be perfected in us.

  9. HealingVibrations

    rational thought comes from imagination? Its just putting 2 and 2 together too. Illusions are the main tools that Satan the devil uses to deceive man, this is not my imagination, this is bible prophecy. The bible is clear that the fallen angels are in control of all the governments, laws of men, and money, the bible is clear that the antichrist will fool most men, this is not a conspiracy theory, its been known for ages, the fallen angels only have a short time left before Gods judgement

  10. CommanderUTube

    Goodness Gracious. You have a more fertile imagination than me for wayward program. I hope you don’t work for the Control Freaks factions of the ruling elites!

  11. HealingVibrations

    project bluebeam and haarp could simulate a niburu. just a crazy use of technology to try to play God. they love to use thier superior intellect and technology, its cold hearted “intelligence”, somehow they get off on trying to play God, but its buying them a one way ticket to hell in the afterlife. Some people really dont believe in God or hell and they think that this world is all that there is, so they live as heathen on Earth and they make life hell for everyone else, God will save us.

  12. HealingVibrations

    What if they are actually putting the disinformation about niburu out, like its hoax coverup by them, they put out the shit brainwashing to make people think its coming, but with project bluebeam and haarp they could definately simulate a holographic image of a fake niburu, and then they could cause massive earthquakes and weather changes with haarp & then they could institute martial law, and try to make people accept world government and NWO while also achieving depopulation eugenics of 500mil

  13. CommanderUTube

    If the Establishment elites have acted glove and hand with the Secret Government-Secret Brotherhood and has kept the NIBIRU reality from the world, then they don’t deserve their access cards to the deep underground mountain shelters when NIBIRU appears and all hell breaks loose.

    But they can always declare Martial Law, confiscate all guns and eradicate all political opposition in camps. Then unopposed, they can join their families in shelters while we are exposed, in or out of camps, to NIBIRU

  14. loveisamistake

    It’s funny how Obama came to my city today. And i can’t get online all day. My connection is getting cut on and off as i watch this and other videos like it. Also today the sun was covered by chemtrails. Keep making these vids.

  15. yuan0207

    This is what you get for uncontrolled “human-rights”.

    Anyway…the world ain’t gonna end unless earth become another asteroids belt. Did i assumed the A.Belt could be a crushed planet once known as Marduk?…nay…i’ve never said that…
    I don’t even know itys there in the first place…


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