Psycho Energetics DARPA & J Patrick Bedell Pentagon Attack

IS THERE A CONNECTION between Psycho-Energetics and the Pentagon Attack? Based on the Research of Blacks Ops Satelitte and ground based mind control operations documented to have occured against many people. J Patick Bedell met the profile of being and opportune target, according to Dr John Hall targets tend to be already on the”social fringe”, and are typically single. If they complain of symptoms they typically may be diagnosed as being crazy or suffering some form of psychosis. Victims may undergo attacks spanning years to see the impacts of long term effects on the subjects by those involved in the “Black-op Terror”. Under the Navy there is RFMPCS or Radio Frequency Mission Planner Computer System. Under which the Chemtrail program also known as Project Cloverleaf is run out of Patterson Airforce Base in Ohio. Part of this RFMPCS is VTRPE which is VARIABLE TERRAIN RADIO PARABOLIC EQUATION and Chemtrail Aersol Sraying is a large part of VTRPE. It has been verified that Baruim, Aluminum and other heavy metals are in Chemtrail Aersol Sprays. DARPA-Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is also involved with the RFMPCS-Radio Frequency Mission Planner Computer System. Scalar Weapons are part of these programs. Scalar Weapons are in three basic types 1) Energetics 2) Bio-Energetics 3) Psycho-Energetics. Tom Beardon has written much on Scalar Weapons, Google him! AC Griffith has spoken out about these Scalar Weapons, Google him! Another great source is DR JOHN Hall Author

16 thoughts on “Psycho Energetics DARPA & J Patrick Bedell Pentagon Attack

  1. TheAerosmither

    well done USA! i mean Bravoooo. we’ve been shouting for years now! your government is evil and nobody was listening.
    a taste of his own medicine for some evil citizens! that will wake them up.
    pay attention to the Yellowstone volcano under Wyoming.
    spread the knowledge, make a move for God sake.

    a watcher from Saudi Arabia.
    and the best is yet to come!

  2. stillnessONtheWAY

    Tom Beardon is a Tesla guru of current times.. who in the past spoke out on chemtrails. Griffith also talks about Tom in this same interview.

  3. jonah70757

    Sometimes people reach a point that they do not care. Plenty of info on google about this guy. I just googled him and found a recent 2 hour interview posted on a blog at project avalon. I am going to listen to it .

  4. Maynardsat

    As per usual with these situations there is way more beneath the surface than first reported. I like this theory though. would say that there are plenty of people in the movement that could be on the edge enough to be pushed into doing something dangerous.

  5. acidmillionaires

    He was working on a new Technolohy call aluminum anodization for DNA intergrated circuits.. I have his paper I can email in to anyone that asks for it. He went to SJSU and was a very smart man yes he may have had problems but Ihave not see any record of that but what i have fund on the net about him is interesting . He asked the pentagon to fund his project back in 2004..But the media has missed that point. kinda funny..

  6. ComradePatriot

    Check out the Youtube video called “Scalar Waves 101” to get a good understanding of the theory behind Tesla Technology.

  7. lowrider1007

    how can someone with top secret clearance for govt agencies go on the radio and divulge information, wouldnt he be putting himself in danger? is it that he only tells what he is allowed to tell?he is pretty much confirming that the planes we watch really are spraying – thanks for the commentary PEACE

  8. WeCanAllGetAllong

    Sure seems to me, they are hard at it with manchurian canidates to further thier agenda of taking away our rights,for good!
    They(nwo as it were) are using everything at thier beck and call because the O man admn is failing miserably!
    Mind control devices are real nuts and bolts technology,its crazy. And we cant feed the homeless or have clean water to drink!
    Thx Mike!

  9. darthmiike

    its all swings and round abouts during the Bush administration people with left leaning idologies,the Moore,Chomskie fans where labeled anti american terrorist sympathisers and conspiracy nuts now that a left leaning government is in power the right are being demonised in exactly the same way ,its all leading up to a society where questioning your government on non media prescribed issues will automatically brand you a terrorist ,the NWO is not a left /right issue its a live or die issue .

  10. carolann64

    Great video! Sorry I havent written lately. This stuff really scares me, what are we all going to do about it though is the question. Or what can we all do about it? Its not like we can start shooting down these planes with Chemtrails or we will all be convicted… They have complete control over us and its discusting.

  11. jonah70757

    Hi Bill, AC Griffith is the man in this vid. Go to 5:33 and you will wonder how you nissed it!. It was on the screen for a while plus the radio host announced AC Griffith as the guest!


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