21 thoughts on “Pt 1 Chemtrail Crimes

  1. ev38111

    Whatever they are doing here, is probably less than 1% of what the general population does to themselves through vehicle pollutants, smoking etc. Gotta love conspiracy videos!

  2. ramptondayrelease

    There are more and more official disclosures being made

    They’re (NASA Etc) slowly owning up to the arial spraying
    Just Google :Geo engineering..
    Sub micron metallic particles and other shit in our lungs… Nice.

  3. louislestat123

    so whats happening here they are definately doing this so the next question is as its not for the reason that i ever expect this would be done for any good reason with it being secret, so what are they doing? spraying? maybe spraying vits and mins onto our crops? or just poison onto us? of course why so many of us got cancer now, its makes just sense… after all they got targets to reduce 90% population, and were being too careful for aids eh.


    Very good, when I was young I used to punch hole thru clouds. Now you need to make a …quartz crystal w/clockwise copper wire wrapped around it sunk in a resin mixture along with 1/3 copper 2/3 steel. I found this crud on my leaves thru out my garden plants, and we have specks of paint removed from a BMW after this stuff settled (one particles). WHAT DO THEY DONT WANT US TO SEE?

  5. starzine

    the chemtrails work in conjunction with the contaminated Flu Vaccines. The chemtrails weaken your immune system. The latest shipments of seasonal Flu vaccines are contaminated with live H5N1 avian flu viruses. This flu combined with a weakened immune system will KILL YOU. Google it. It’s being reported around the world. No news in the USA.

  6. moonpiester

    They will continue and bet the MK propaganda will create a forgetfulness in our mass mind. It is happening now people have forgotten what the sky looks like naturally. We hold the memory we have to keep it alive before the next generation.

  7. DragonWaveMaster

    Thanks for posting this video, I’m not sure of what’s really going on here, I think it’s even possible that the chem trails have more than one purpose.

  8. dvmcgovern

    It’s been going on much much longer than 10 years. As per one of my newest videos with chemtrails as far back as 1986.


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