25 thoughts on “Pt 1 CHEMTRAILS Clouds of Death ( WE NEED HELP )

  1. jacobmarley2891

    thank fuck your eyes are open

    what you gonna do

    haarp needs destroying as this and the chemical warfare need to stop

    does anyone care if you mention it your mad


    everyone wake up

    fight back

  2. ChrisArcen

    This is the most pathetic video I have ever seen! If all this BS “chemtrails” showed up on radar it would block out the air traffic controllers radar screens. Persistent contrails have been around since before WW2 and cloud cover can keep heat in as well as block it out. Do a search for the article “Contrails And The Dark Side” YouTube will not let me post the link to it.


  3. whatsanme

    u need to look into tghis a lil further i feel,,it would be nice if it is so simple as u state,,,but the facts are out there.

  4. HellzDelight

    Did you people realise that planes are run on fuel ?? . . which have exhaust systems that give off SMOKE . . DOH !
    Chemical spraying ? . . what ???
    This is fucking stupid shit.

  5. prosperia

    April of 2001, my two year old son came down with a severe and sudden pneumonia. He was fine when I put him down for a nap, and when he woke up he was wheezing. He spent three days in the intensive care. The dr.’s denied the possibility that it came on him that suddenly, and insisted I was making it up. Luckily we were living with my mother and father in law at the time and they verified that it was the truth. They never found the cause for the pneumonia.

  6. waltermouthoh

    Try this: see the vids below w/ short quick “start/stops” on the Play btn. (best with tiltable screen too, like laptop). Do you see the “O waves” or “sky waves”? (copy the following in youtube search 2 watch thse vids):

    “Does Orgonite Eliminate Chemtrails?”

    “Effects of Orgonite in the Environment: Time Lapse Photography”

    good site is soisnessdotorg. BTW – I feel great!, eat only organic, no genetic modified food, & brushing with MMS/lemon juice. MMS & orgone relaxing!

  7. studentdebts

    Well Put Together Documentary On an Issue that is now concerning many People around The World.Thanxs Linda For Sharing&Uploading This3Part Video Documentary:-)5*****from us Here!

  8. skydome29

    read the space preservation act of 2001 and note section 7 part B i believe. There’s your proof.

  9. URAterrorist

    Everyday, (without fail), for the last 10 YEARS, Toronto has been bombarded with chemtrails. I’m 45 and lived here most of my life. The greatest conspiracy of silence the world has ever known continues. Who the hell is funding this shit? I mean dozens and dozens of planes everyday spraying for 10 years over my little city? And it continues all over the world as well? Any idiot who’s over 15 yrs can remember what a blue sky looked like and knows the difference between a contrail and a CHEMTRAIL!

  10. RammsteinRabbit

    oh all this time…

    ….sorry guys party is over…we must all just be “IMAGINING IT”!!!


  11. SpaceMan131326

    well if it was water then it would vanish like I have seen, we have tones of pictures of planes that are the same altitude that show chemtrials and normal contrails, have you seen what is happening after they spray an area, I think not

  12. nick081980

    my god you people are crazy. get your facts right before you start asuming this to be true. The are contrails which are made of water. just like clouds. So are the clouds coming to kill you. retards

  13. 83BarFly

    i was just on a site dedicated to this. it has posts from sceptics, and someone left the same comment as you. the reply was amazing, you’ll love it lol!
    APPARENTLY the government would NEVER release diseases into the world (because apparently theyre ALL form the government) without having the cure. and APPARENTLY the government have the cure (as well as a cure for every disease known to man) because of their alien technology, which is 100 years more advanced than what we are aware of!

  14. noopy4444

    i dont get it “they ” have to breath the air too!! You tube has to breath the air! Everyone has to breath air! dont get it??

  15. rybred87

    i would like to see these facts and not listen to someone who could b talking outta their ass. i do remember hearing that the planet warmed up 6*f on september 11th due to the grounding of all planes. i found that intresting. at the time i was not aware of conspiracies presented in this vid.


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