Pt.1/3 The Bluebeam Generation 2011 ~ The Global 2012 NWO Platform Agenda pt.13/15

Pt.13/15: The Global 2012 NWO Platform Agenda ~ by nibirushock Pt.1/3: The Bluebeam Generation ~ Projections from an Other Dimension ~ The Trilogy of Project Cloverleaf ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All 15 videos may freely be copied and distributed with credit to nibirushock. :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Watch series online: Part 1/15 – Part 2/15 – Part 3/15 – Part 4/15 – Part 5/15 – Part 6/15 – Part 7/15 – Part 8/15 – Part 9/15 – Part 10/15 – Part 11/15 – Part 12/15 – Part 13/15 – Part 14/15 – Part 15/15 – ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Download The Global 2012 NWO Platform Agenda (15 part series): ** Download parts 1-12 here: ** Download parts 13-15 the Trilogy “The Bluebeam Generation” here: ** Unpack files with winrar: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ XX. Music starting at 08:48 mins ~ creator: unreal984 March 25, 2010 ~ Trance 2010 – NEW – Clear Night (Original mix) XX. Excerpts from the movie: Knowing (2009) 01. spacecowboy1954 March 15, 2010 ~ EU NATO Headquarters, Northwood Middlesex, United Kingdom UFOS Holographic Planes, Chemtrails & giant sphere 15 march 2010 02

25 thoughts on “Pt.1/3 The Bluebeam Generation 2011 ~ The Global 2012 NWO Platform Agenda pt.13/15

  1. finodigrassio

    the technology was developed by Dr. Xiang Zhang of berkeley university,there was, also, another scientist in japan, who co-discovered this light bending technology and it was written about in the nexus magaine. lets not forget the disappearing car was featured in a james bond movie..that was real

  2. aflyonwall

    @stargate1990 I should try to be more like you I think i open my big mouth too much. But there is so much that I see on utube that just makes me want to scream. I am new to utube in time maybe I wont be so reactive I suppose. I thought this was a great video.

  3. stargate1990

    i do not comment much but i watch all of your videos :) very good job thank you for all of your hard work friend

    with love & clarity to you and your loved ones

  4. whisperinwindcried67

    my friend -ive just discovered you-subbed of course!-what incredible thought provoking’ if not outright mind-blowing stuff you have here!!-be awesome if a few digital imagery professionals could weigh in on these phenomenon..perhaps you will find a few and invite them to view and opinion..??

  5. nibirushock

    @BigTeamButch.. that’s easy.. in their minds.. let’s say only a very small group of people might be sensitive to whatever is left of the chemicals and bacteria sprayed in the atmosphere.. and could possibly develop a disease such as Morgellons disease.. that’s a calculated risk one is willing to take.. as simple as that.. a small sacrifice for the greater good..

  6. BigTeamButch

    My problem with chemtrails. The people who make chemtrails also breathe air. What are they walking around with gasmasks on their whole lives?

  7. MrSantana5150

    this is an amazing video. u truly did a fantastic job. perfect. i cant wait to see the rest of them. thank u for this.

  8. nibirushock

    @RevengeofShinobi1.. oh man.. I have read so many books.. on so many subjects.. therefore my documentary.. I am sure you haven’t watched and comprehended all parts of the series well enough.. this understanding comes from the ability to abstract, concrete, divergent and convergent thinking as well as using discernment in a holistic manner.. but we will end this discussion here.. :)

  9. nibirushock

    @RevengeofShinobi1.. come on man.. that’s childish.. I have a lousy keyboa(r)d.. and I should take Michio Kaku’s words very serious.. not just him but the rest of physics community as well ofcourse.. :)

  10. nibirushock

    @RevengeofShinobi1.. yeah.. you know what’s even stranger.. to hear Michio Kaku say (his own words) at 14:15 minutes onwards that “when we look in outer space.. we see NO evidence of type 1,2 or 3 [civilizations] anywhere.. NO evidence whatsoever”.. yep.. no extraterrestrial life.. no aliens.. but you are free to believe whatever you want to believe ofcouse.. :)

  11. fight2legalize

    I seen a plane spraying a chemtrail a while back and when the pictures came out, there was no plane at all.

  12. windofthegods

    Great work, so true, I wondered why no pilots have ever come forward about the chemtrails, holograms and drones are the reason.

  13. amyalewine

    What do people feel is the reason they are doing this. BTW who is they, in your opinion? Elite trying to fool everyone again or something more. Is their job to fool us or is it to make us WAKE UP. Their job is to awaken mankind although it will be a very tough lesson. We know nothing because we were never taught the true meaning of life.

  14. nibirushock

    @jh4dc5s you said: @nibirushock So you are blaming the JEW WORLD ORDER on? a bunch of aliens and new age bullshit.I see.

    For this comment after all information I have given to you.. I will block you. You are dishonest and certainly not reasonable. I already felt something was wrong when you started to falsely accuse me out of the blue.. I sense this goes deeper then just a simple jealousy .. whatever the reason for your despicaple attitude.. you are blocked now.

  15. nibirushock

    (continued) Symbolically Nibiru represents an interruption leading to the unification or destruction of mankind, or a great Sumerian “ferry”? tale with a Mayan twist, give’m a planet & a calendar and let’s see what they will make of it.. so real or not.. it already has an impact on the global society. With regards to your comment that the Norway Spiral was not a hologram but plasma generated from heating chemtrails.. my answer to you: it was BOTH.. period! Watch part 14
    >> watch?v=9XnGk9fz8gM

  16. nibirushock

    (continued) part of that system. Regarding Nibiru.. it’s estimated that a 3rd of the known star systems in the Milky Way are binary/multiple solar/star systems.. so there’s the scientific approach. I have my own ideas about Nibiru and how it might be integrated into the Bluebeam Project which is clearly operative at least since 09/11/2001. In other words.. it’s all happening right now. (continued)


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