QFA …. 63 confirmed. Heading towards Johannesburg

10th Sept 2012 Chemtrail from QFA63 Sydney to Johannesburg I was up on the roof at the minute that QFA63 went over Melbourne. And to my surprise this flight came over heading South South West. (I was incorrect on my bearings earlier.)

13 thoughts on “QFA …. 63 confirmed. Heading towards Johannesburg

  1. pissandwind

    100 Monkeys theory guys, if more of us are aware, the message will grow exponentially. Before long a lot of people will not only be aware, but the glazed over look you get now if? you try and tell the unware about this, will go. Just keep filming and putting up videos, it will catch hold and the masses will come to understand what is happening.

  2. James Mulholland

    That makes you me and Youtube channels Guitatac and Peekay22 so 4 individuals in total that we know of!
    More and more people are opening their? eyes. Sadly it doesn’t make a jot of difference. Just look at how severe it is in Europe or USA. But nothing changes

  3. batchkawasaki

    i filmed the same day flight radar said it was qfa63? at 30.000 feet but it didnt seem that high, funny we both filmed it at the same time, good catch.

  4. James Mulholland

    I’m? a bit slow at times but I almost always get there 😉 Its part of being an old geezer I guess..

  5. peekay22

    lol good one James…i filmed the same shit but havent bothered putting on youtube. It was QF63 going? just east of melb where it normally hasnt sprayed until just recently. It seems to have taken over the mantle of major sprayer from QF64 which is going much more north west these days. Its spray is very much the QF64 creepy stuff seeing they are the same plane going in different directions. Funny how it stops spraying as it goes off the mainland..a dead giveaway to the crime they are doing.

  6. James Mulholland

    Ok, I take it back. I just got off Google Earth and I am prepared to admit my error! This flight was QFA63.. I am going to have? to get a compass because I was way wrong! Sorry Ritsa!


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