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Sign the chemtrail petition here: www.petitiononline.com The article which appears in this video was pulled from this site: www.theweatherspace.com I shot the video footage from the parking lot of Home Depot in Carlsbad. May 13, 2010, 1150 HRS Hwy 78 & College Carlsbad, CA Viewing the East by Southeastern sky As I was heading West on Hwy 78, I saw this big rainbow cloud in the sky. I had to pull over and record it. As I was shooting this video, I considered whether HAARP had anything to do with the rainbow cloud; or, whether the lights were associated with the release of plasma prior to an earthquake, as some have claimed that it does. So, I watched and waited. I tried to determine whether there were any earthquakes. I didn’t feel any; so, continued my drive home. As I drove I looked for chem jets; because, I’ve seen a similar phenomenon – of rainbows in the mucky sunlight-blocking chem soup. I did not see any chem trails in the skies over Carlsbad; however, further north, I could see the telltale residual trails of chemjets. (If you look at the sky long enough, you can recognize the difference between clouds, condensation trails and Chem Trails.) Anyway, I saw two. They were hovering approximately over the Riverside County / Santa Ana area. Otherwise, the sky was clear blue with VERY few high clouds; and the marine layer was well to the Northwest. Upon returning home, my daughter asked me if I saw the rainbow. Heck, SHE saw it. I had to ask her what it looked like…how

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  1. streetbang25

    In vail,Colorado, we saw the same looking thing 3 times today… It is reflection from the sun to all the moisture from the cirrus clouds… Cirrus clouds are in such high altitude, the moisture from the high air causes this to happen, if the moisture is reached to a cirrus cloud and the sun is a reflection to it, this will appear to happen. It is no HAARP, so there is nothing to worry about, this happens all around the world.

  2. rainbowdragon131065

    Stratospheric Ice crystal rainbow happen when Micro crystals in the stratosphere shine the light from the sun..

  3. xDarkside101x

    @edgardreinaldo You’re dumb as fuck, and blind for that matter. Chemtrails cause cirrus clouds. The high abount of toxins in chemtrails cause colorful reflections in the sky, and around the sun, called “sun halos”. Specifically high amounts of barium causes this bullshit. In your comment you’re mainly referring to “contrails” which disipate rapidly and are not harmful to the environment.

  4. edgardreinaldo

    Cirrus clouds are made of very small crystals of ice due the high altitude and freeze temperature. The sun light projected on them cause that colorful reflection like a rainbow. Nothing to do with pollution at all.

  5. coupedehill

    @Search4TruthReality I never saw them until a few years ago. Lived here for 35 years. they aren’t contrails though. they are in small isolated clouds in an otherwise clear blue sky on dry days. and they aren’t exactly rain”bows” as they don’t go beyond the small cloud. more like a short view of the spectrum. a piece of rainbow. pollution particles gather in cloud formations. you should watch the “dimming of the sun” series, it’s on youtube.

  6. coupedehill

    @mrgalleria lol. I wrote almost the same thing, then I read your comment. I believe it is air pollution.

  7. coupedehill

    it’s air pollution. I live on the east coast of FL and I see rainbows in small clouds on perfectly clear days all of the time. you know how you can see a rainbow when there’s oil sitting on top of water? same thing.


    this morning i took photos of 2 rainbows, both around the sun. the pictures came out much better when taken through polarized lenses but ive noticed it happens alot as a result of heavy chemtrailing. over the last three days around 7am every morning lots and lots of chemtrails into a perfectly nice clear sky, and by noon after all the chemtrails have blended together in some sort of cloud cover..but not.. the rainbows show up. the pacific northwest needs to look up

  9. mrgalleria

    Actually, I rarely see chemtrails here.
    One reason is they spray at night or cloudy days.
    The rainbow clouds I saw were coming in from the South seas,
    likely chemicals carried along the jet stream.

  10. MumboJumboTheatre

    @mrgalleria I’m starting to think the only time they will scream is when they get their winter coats sheared!

  11. Search4TruthReality

    @mrgalleria I hear ya. I too have seen the disgusting chem rainbows on my drive through Los Angeles. The difference here is that all around the clouds I shot (90 miles south of LA) was on a day I didn’t see any chem trails or jets – at least in that area of Carlsbad. With Chemtrail rainbows, the entire sky is usually fouled with chemicals.

  12. Search4TruthReality

    The music is from a website called freeplaymusic (dot) com.
    The volume is “Ambient Figures Vol 2”
    The song is called “Portent”


  13. MumboJumboTheatre

    @mrgalleria You should have seen the sky over seattle yesterday. The spraying was the worse I have ever seen! Chemtrails crisscrossed with luminous spots. Huge sundog too. It would’t have done any good to try and video it because of the diffused and luminous reflection there of.

  14. TheENERCHI

    I want to confirm that I saw a rainbow cloud over South Florida. The one I witnessed was not as large. The cloud I saw was about 30-50 feet long and had a rainbow imprinted on it. Other clouds in the area were not displaying this weird phenomenon. I can also confirm that we get chemtrails here in S. Florida.


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