Red Ice Radio – Andrew Johnson – Pt 1 – Chemtrails, Weather Modification & Climate Change

In recent years, the issues of supposed ‘Climate Change’ and ‘Global Warming’ have been thrust upon us from all directions. The weather is important to us all, so we should look carefully at the skies, and we should avail ourselves of some facts. Is someone modifying the weather? Can it be true that so many people are blind to something being done in ‘plain sight’? Andrew Johnson is behind the website and joins us to discuss Chemtrails, weather modification and climate change in our first hour. Topics Discussed: The Origins of the Website, Aircraft Grid, Chemtrails, Contrails, Persistent Jet Trails, Clifford Carnicom, HAARP, Morgellons Disease, Discovery Channel documentary on Chemtrails, Where are the whistleblowers or pilots speaking out? Geo-Engineering, Global Dimming, Weather Modification, FOIA in the UK, Traffic over 15000 feet, Circular Chemtrails, Azores, HAARP, ELF, Tetra System, Energy, Health Effects, EISCAT, Environment Effects, Chemtrails only one part of a bigger program and more. Make sure you join us for a very exciting second hour for Red Ice Members with Andrew Johnson. We begin to talk about weather modification, but we’ll take this into another arena pretty quickly and begin to discuss Hurricane Erin and some of the anomalies that happened on the morning of 9/11. This will take us into the area of Directed Energy Weapons – this is where 9/11 research and weather modification connects. Was the World Trade Center buildings destroyed

One thought on “Red Ice Radio – Andrew Johnson – Pt 1 – Chemtrails, Weather Modification & Climate Change

  1. Michael Laverty

    Just some info …I watched 3 Chemtrail aircraft heading west all on the same flight heading 2 were 757 series aircraft 1 was obviously one of the MD series with both turbofans mounted in the rear but? when checked with RadalVirtuel real time trafficking they did not appear to be in flight. they obviously are blocked from any tracking systems so we can’t easily see where they came from or going to and who they fly for like you can on passenger aircraft …


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