Remain Healthy Through Stressful Situations

EXPAND BELOW FOR MORE INFO: my Do you know about chemtrail? the toxic chemicals spray in the sky, looks like a “contrail” but it doesn’t disappear, it spreads!!!…wonder why we have so many health issue? yup-look up in the sky and tell me those are “real” clouds??.. WATCH- “What In The World Are They Spraying” http The Chemtrail Geo-Engineering Coverup Revealed. Also, I have been detoxing since June off of opiates and am feeling great-the pain is manageable, but can be severe at time-I have an autoimmune inflammatory disease that attacks my joints-psoriatic arthritis/spondylosis weight loss is slow, but steady being unemployed sucks! America…where are the jobs??? Tropical Tradition’s coconut oil

13 thoughts on “Remain Healthy Through Stressful Situations

  1. stephgiggles666

    I also suffer with pain a lot:( I was? diagnosed with a rare genetic disease at 18 months and its called infantile nephro pathic cystinosis and it effects all major organs and when I was 10 yrs old my kidneys failed and I had to be put on dialysis so eating healthy is a major thing I have to watch… I really enjoy your videos.. I used to be on tons of meds but now I’m on like only 3 instead of 20.. I have to take a shot every month for my hemoglobin but hey it keeps me alive and having to go to

  2. Bonnie90505

    Hi Margie, thanks so much, I have been stressing a bit more than I like about the job market right now, being my age and so many people out of work at the same time, the company I worked for laid off most of us over the past 2 years, then move to Texas to merge with partner company..only a few re located..but, 6 months and no work. and the beginning struggles to make ends meet and stay healthy mentally..this weather has been crazy this summer-the? heat, humidity was bad this year, ugh!

  3. Bonnie90505

    Thank You Rosemary, I know you are going through so much right now..and I feel for you, and thank you so? much for your kind word-hugs to you my friend :)

  4. Bonnie90505

    yes, I am an advocate for NO GMO, I have a blog and write about this topic often..grass fed beef, hormone free range chicken , eggs are what I prefer, but money is tight right I just buy what I can afford for right now-thanks for watching..I feel okay off the pain meds, but I have my days with painful flareups- I really hate to use enbrel injections, which shuts down my immune system, but it gives my life back, being able to walk again without pain.I have? a auto immune condition-Thanks:)

  5. Bonnie90505

    Hi Laura, no? I haven’t seen Thrive yet, but I will. I seem to always notice chem trails more often, especially when I am feeling “down”..its the cause, yup, depression…ha..I believe those chemicals cause a lot of health problems, mental ones too…thanks for watching, and yes, I did get off the meds, but sometime the pain is so bad..I have to just get through those hard days-take care :)

  6. Marjie C

    You were on my mind today so it was cool to see you posted a new vid. Sure hope you get that dream job ASAP. Love it that you are off the meds, strong women.
    My daughter looked for almost a? year then finally found a perfect job which she loves, you can do it too.
    Hot, yep going to be almost 100 tomorrow in No. Cal

  7. gastricRose

    Good to see you sweetie praying you find something soon…and I am a grammy but not with them ;( but soon I will be with Connie for three months…so glad your sleeping better and I hear you about the insurance grrr!!….you are always so helpful thank you sweet? friend…love ya…love rosemary

  8. stephgiggles666

    It’s good to see u again your grandson is adorable :) Good for you getting off all those drugs dontcha feel much better being off of them.. I am also eating alot healthier I have learned about gmo’s in food have you heard of gmo’s .. I now usually buy all organic food and eat mostly vegetarian dishes but every now and then I’ll buy organic steak when it’s on sale.. Oh buy the way I live in north Hollywood and they spray over here every morning it’s ridiculous. Again it’s great to have ya back? m

  9. graycious3

    HAPPY to see you try family health plus its available in? 50 states you start your own online store or something just some thoughts

  10. FitnessAfterFourty

    Hi Bonnie! I’m happy to see you. First of all, great job on detoxing off the meds. I’m glad you’re feeling better.

    I looked at the chem trail trailer video and it was good. I’ve known about this for about a year now. I think what they are doing is horrible. Have you seen the movie Thrive? It’s a bit woo woo for some, but there is also very good info in it.

    Take? Care, Laura: )


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