Remember the Colour blue.Distinctions Contrail Chemtrail.

Remember the colour blue. Distinctions Contrail Chemtrail. Holland Spain. Dick Gregory wake up call. Prince talks about Chemtrail

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  1. dbootsthediva

    Are we really out of tune or have we been manipulated out of tune? Our reality is our minds have no firewall
    Thanks for uploading this
    5 stars

  2. crimberland

    Ok people… I have been trying to find remedies of getting rid of the metals in our systems as are government are openly poisoning us.

    Zeolites in powder form will do the trick. Please research and share when you know the ins and outs. Liquid zeolites are owned by a lot of companies in bed with the FDA so I would stay away from these as all studies where done on powder not liquid.

    Peace and good health.

  3. bluelightcycle

    @IMOZZA Got to work out where to draw the line though, we must question the accepted normality but within reason.

    There is a good reason conspiracy theories are just conspiracy theories.


    interesting how you draw the assoication of his madness with the waer hes drinking look up sodium flouride not in my water. Theres something going off in the world order of things and these are all related and ive noticed a lot of sane people have noticed! and are getting increasingly pissed off with the new big brother attitude thats getting worse by the day! wake up my friend or we are all going to loose our freedoms

  5. bluelightcycle

    Condensation trails (abbreviated as contrails) are caused by streams of water vapour left behind aircraft engines.
    Water condenses in cold air, just like your breath on a cold day.
    The duration of a contrail is determined by several factors. For example in very dry air, diffusion will cause the water vapour to dissipate rapidly. In humid air where there is already a lot of water vapour present, the trails will remain visible far longer.
    Either that or the government is poisoning everyone.

  6. bluelightcycle

    Sorry, me again. He talks at the beginning about the fact that plants are green because green is the middle of the electromagnetic spectrum like it’s some sort of revelation. We’ve been aware of this fact since Isaac Newton refracted light through a prism in 1671.

  7. bluelightcycle

    I just read on Wikipedia – “Manganese compounds are less toxic than those of other widespread metals such as nickel and copper.” Is anyone buying this?

  8. bluelightcycle

    I don’t want to cast aspersions on this guy’s beliefs, (we all love a good conspiracy theory don’t we?) Does he realise Manganese is a naturally occuring element & is actually a “required trace element present in all living organisms”?
    There’s definitely no manganese coming out of the back of a jet engine either.

    Other than that I think he seems like a really nice guy albeit a little bit mad. Too much manganese in the water where he lives?!??!

  9. ddiiaa52

    Wow..Great and very informative. Everyday this summer here in So. Nevada it starts out blue and turns fast to white..with chemtrails all over. So muggy and hot. Everyone is getting sick with respiratory problems all the time. Thanks for this video.

  10. Jem2Jerica

    Understanding leads to understanding. We have to pass on the vibration of understanding and not dismiss the willfully uninformed.

  11. academianon


    Everyone I know seems to have respiratory or auto-immune difficulties. All sorts of bizarre things.

    I don’t want to speculate too much about the connection with aerosol spraying, but I DO KNOW that the US GOVERNMENT sprayed my city with Zinc Cadmium in the 1950s,

    What would stop them from conducting further experimentation? Especially since this could be related to some sort of weapons system.

    (ie: Eastlund US patent 4686605)

  12. academianon

    Look at your sky………

    Google is a TOOL use it:

    – Owning the Weather in 2025
    – Geoengineering: Workshop on Unilateral Planetary Scale Geoengineering
    – HAARP
    – Welsbach Patent
    – Eastlund Patent
    – Porton Down, UK
    – Zinc Cadmium Experiments
    – Direct, Semi-Direct and Indirect Aerosol Campaign

    Excellent video 5*


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