Reptilian Cop, Mobster and Skinhead, Rampage Collection Part 7

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14 thoughts on “Reptilian Cop, Mobster and Skinhead, Rampage Collection Part 7

  1. drumheadcircle

    What if these creatures are born this way and don’t know it? OR What if these lizards are the result of sold souls.They’re eyes look like demons. I can feel their presence, like they are trying to read my mind.( whenever one is around.)

  2. BryanW1988

    go take a fucking vid of yourself and replay it you stupid fucking sheeple, Zionists are right maybe some of us really are just dumb fucking “goyim”… USS Liberty – Operation Northwoods, It’s Zionists not Fed Reserve but who dominates it. Use your fucking brains you idiots, zionists probably started this stupid fucking hoax! It’s about disinformation and they been dealing it to you for 100 years! Wake Up! You are all dumb muscle for Israel! You are cattle!

  3. redultraman

    so….do the reptile people lay eggs? I mean..that is one quality of a reptile..i bet his wife lays eggs that bitch..fucking egg layer..

  4. LyeComplex

    @FrequencyFence This stuff is in the realm of magic. If you don’t believe in magic, this stuff isn’t possible. Reptilians are the personification of Vampires, so this stuff is scary to some people.

  5. Emperor00id

    The second guy is a REALLY good find with all sorts of crazy shifting going on, with his jawline especially. The fourth man is a really good find too, he has some crazy eyes. It MIGHT be the lighting for the fourth case because when he tilts his head to either side, the slits say vertical, they dont tilt with his head.

  6. FrequencyFence

    @rexineffex Why keep commenting on these videos then (5+ videos of mine)?

    I guess the tooth morphing and facial shifting (nose, brow, etc.) are also lighting.

    I know who you are.


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