Reptilian Symbolism in Conan the Barbarian

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25 thoughts on “Reptilian Symbolism in Conan the Barbarian

  1. windofthegods

    You have a firm grasp of the true meaning of consciousness, great work on this vid. Peace.

  2. Tollyufc

    I’ll never see Conan the movie in the same light again. Movie symbology seems so blatant when you’ve been awoken.
    Some great comments on here too, very respectful.

  3. lightbodyification

    Until you understand what serpent worship REALLY means, You can’t really have a say in it. Jesus was even represented with a SERPENT BODY! Oh my god hes a shapeshifter!

  4. perhaps333

    nice work!
    check out Amitakh Stanford’s The Anunnaki Wheel of Enslavement

  5. CasketOfficial

    @muaythaiguy6969 Well I’M talking about the Conan Saga. I see no symbolism in this movie. I see only the cult of Set, AHHHHHNOLD, and tits. lots and lots of tits. I do know the world I live in, thank you very much, and MY world is not filled with LIZARD MEN.

  6. muaythaiguy6969

    @CasketOfficial No ones talkin about the Conan saga dude. The vid is about the symbolism in THIS MOVIE. GET IT? Do you know the world you live in? If you don’t then good luck to you. Open your eyes Casket.

  7. muaythaiguy6969

    Excellent vid. Thanks. This is one of my all time favorite movies. Interestingly, Jehovah from the bible used the hebrews to accomplish the exact same thing as Thulsa Doom, just as Thulsa Doom used his followers to force his agenda on the common folk. As did all of the “gods” from the ancient past. The old testament is loaded with these kind of attrocities. “god” even commanded the people to take all of the young virgins for themselves after they had destroyed whatever city. (numerous times)

  8. MrIceGuy

    Well put together analysis, FF! Once you give these seemingly far-fetched claims some time to simmer, it’s amazing how many fictional and historical writings allude the reptilian/ Illuminati and help to bring it into sharper focus. Even films like Lord of the Rings and From Hell drop subtle hints to the reptilian bloodline connection. Knowledge truly is power.

  9. MrIceGuy

    @CasketOfficial I have been wanting to get more into Howard’s Conan material since hearing about them on Joe Rogan’s podcast. As far as the film adaptation goes, I’m sure there’s was some additional input from it’s screenwriter Oliver Stone, whom based on his other films, seems to have some insight into this reptilian/ Illuminati subject mater. Stone even mentions on the DVD that his original screenplay featured material on genetic manipulation. But I do agree on the grain of salt.

  10. MrIceGuy

    @SovereignBeing That definitely does bring the film ‘The Dark Crystal’ mind. I’ve heard people make some pretty good points that Jim Henson had knowledge of this subject matter.

  11. SovereignBeing

    apparently there are a group of rivals to the reptilians who are called the vulturites, supposedly equally as evil..
    The bird tribes are also the Pleiaidans and some Sirian factions , who are also the main rivals of the serpent races in the ongoing Orion wars.

  12. CasketOfficial

    @CasketOfficial that being said, take everything with a grain of salt. this video has been officially debunked by an avid reader of the Conan saga. thank you goodnight.

  13. CasketOfficial

    @CasketOfficial …the Hyperborean empire of the far north. these places are inspired by ancient Mythology (something which Robert E Howard was somewhat knowledgeable in). nothing more. Read Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey” then go back and read the Conan sagas. Not to mention that the Conan movies are just amalgamations of several unconnected conan adventures tied together to create a plot. The wheel of pain does appear in the conan stories. all it does is grind grain.

  14. CasketOfficial

    @CasketOfficial …comparisons would mean that you have NO IDEA what Conan is about. The story of Conan has nothing to do with the illuminati or lizard people or whatever. It’s solely about this man, “conan”. The boy who became a slave who became a gladiator who became a thief who became a warrior who became a king by his own hand. Thulsa Doom was just one of those necessary evils that had to be taken down on his path to the throne. there were many other evils too. Such as…

  15. CasketOfficial

    I wander if people realize that this movie was based on a book written by one of america’s first true fantasy writers after HP Lovecraft? I mean, let’s think about this for a second. Anyone who has read the Robert E. Howard Conan saga, would realize that it has NOTHING to do with lizard people. Occasionally they show up but that’s because they existed in the FALSE/alternative HISTORY that Robert E. Howard created. Anyone who has read the Conan saga knows this. To make these kind of…

  16. GreenGestalt

    This is brilliant!
    I’ve loved this movie since I watched it as a grade schooler.

    IMO, I was floored at how the sequel then later Red Sonja were so vile pale shadows of Conan the Barbarian, and IMO those that control the media felt obliged to degrade it. At first I thought it just an “Ethnic Group” afraid of a “Superman” but the Reptialian part makes sense.

    They want to keep away “Mighty Men of Renown”…


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