Reptilian Tony Blair, Former UK Prime Minister

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21 thoughts on “Reptilian Tony Blair, Former UK Prime Minister

  1. jambuckerwarblast

    his ears look strange i always thought he was not human. we are such mugs. and will always be contriled by the reptiods we are just to stupid to break free.

  2. MrVforvendetta10

    @89murph And no i do not use forums such as Above Top Secret as 95% of it is usually bullshit.Im guessing you’ve been there a view times and had a look around?How else do you know what it consists of.I cannot prove reptilians are real, just like you can’t prove they are not!But what you can do is look at some of the vids i have favourited and the channels where they are hosted, but you won’t because you have already made up your mind.By the way the lower part of the human brain is reptillianFACT

  3. MrVforvendetta10

    @89murph Can you find the hypocrisy in your comments?Im guessing not, you ridicule and patronize me and others, well you try to, then i leave a sarcastic comment and im the one patronizing you.And you mention rational people, have you been rational in your comments on here?No.Rational means endowed with reasoning which you clearly do not have.And no i have no academic evidence on reptilians as there is none that i have seen, yet there are academics online on yt with eye opening documentation.etc

  4. 89murph

    @MrVforvendetta10 You obviously have schizophrenia , get some therapy because you need it. Any rational person would not believe in the batshit insane nonsense you believe in. Also may I state that being a patronising dickhead, doesn’t make you intelligent. You do not argue why you believe in reptilian shape-shifters, you give no academic sources. Going on websites like ‘Above Top Secret’, doesn’t really count as research.

  5. MrVforvendetta10

    @89murph You obviously are a very intelligent person and you have clearly looked into this topic and done alot of research and fact finding.Your clearly not someone who just looks at something and then instantly draws a conclusion are you ? If you did the slightest bit of research instead of ridculing people who know alot more than you, then you will find out things you dont want to believe because they seem impossible,incomprehendable.Alot of crackpot conspiracy are actually fact!You daft dick

  6. 89murph

    @MrVforvendetta10 I’m not the batshit crazy cunt who believes in shape shifting reptiles. They’re laughing at you, you daft dickhead.

  7. MrVforvendetta10

    Ive just found out that this war mongering salemen worked as an advisor for jp morgan chase!Ring any bells to you americans?

  8. EmpathicGabriel

    Do you know why videos like this have usually very poor quality?
    Because poor quality manipulates you more easily..a video that has a good image quality doesn’t leave that amount of doubts of what is and what isn’t true.

  9. munja2111

    Thank you for your quick replay i really respect your work and I think that something is wrong with this reality and this world. Both videos with Blair and Jones are filmed using studio lights so i think that what you see as reptilian eyes I see as reflection of camera and soft box light. As I mentioned before, I have never seen high quality film or photography of reptilian eyes or shape shifting. Try to film yourself with HQ camera and two softbox light and you will become a reptilian.

  10. ReptiIianResistance


    So Then If You Do Not Believe Then Why Do You Not Go And Do Some Research Yourself And Make Your Own Photos Or You Do Not Know How You Are Coming To My Vids With The Same Stupid Shit You Ignorant Sheeple I Showed You The Holy Grail Vid And You Still Stay In Denial So Then Just Keep Pretending All Of This Is Not Real Demon Slave Whore !!!!




  11. RevengeofShinobi1

    This is impressive footage, you rarely get to see these shapeshifting characteristics in senior British politicians, or the royal family.

  12. w0tm

    New World Order, Illuminati, all yes! Denver airport, reptilians and other crazy videos like this must be plants to discredit the truth. Go too crazy and people dismiss it all. Major propaganda tool. Watch The Money Masters for the truth.

  13. munja2111

    I can only see reflection of 2 softbox light sources and cammera. Nothing reptilian here. Please provide some HQ photos.


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