24 thoughts on “Reptilians underground base – Arizona Wilder experiences Mind Control 1 of 6

  1. iris2o

    Alex jones and david icke are frauds they are implants who are really apart of the? illuminati themselves and david icke is a freemason they pretend to be conspiracy theorists to misinform us and steer us away from the truth go do your research

  2. ward5256

    mENGELE WAS IN STATES AFTER WAR,pROVEN,Natzis were involved in space program [project paperclip] n cia [claus barbie],Cathy obrien,Brice taylor Arizona etc,Victims all? God bless

  3. nibus9

    why do you say she 100% genuine ? Reptilian Shapeshifting theory is widley opposed not only by the Sheeple but also within the Conspiracy Theory/Research Community, Like? Alex Jones , Jesse Ventura and so many others .

  4. royalzaheer7

    reptilians underground are not to hard to? believe considering that snakes and tortoises live underground. i live in florida and i have tortoise holes right in my backyard no joke

  5. royalzaheer7

    it seems like all the states on the west coast have strange activities going on there. ? from mexico to wyoming i have heard bizarre things going on

  6. mcmillerf

    I can’t understand when people take the chance to wake people up on something they push it away and say they need proof but you believe in something like the bible has no proof at all looking up and waiting for some god to save you god is on this planet a race of people but are knowledge has been taken away that old serpent is clever black people? wake up we are children of gods here please wake up


    bless derives from old germany? blood sacrifice english language is a reverse language with curses look it up 13love

  8. ME00WMiX

    I’ve seen one. Don’t get it twisted.
    Just cause you’re controlled by your television and internet does not give you an excuse to be ignorant. Ignorance gets you nowhere except camp fema, so have fun with that. That? dollar you hold makes you responsible for the national debt. That dollar is throwing you the key to knowledge. That proof of existence. Conspiracy is a conspiracy. Shit ain’t gravy. Get right..

  9. elevenplaneteleven

    Nature reigns on this Earth is Satan Nature? My problem whith Christianity is look at what most people are worshiping and look at the corruption that runs our economic grid. And these so? called “Christians” are complacent while pretending to? be “good” wearing a cross and praising Jesus while being complacent of this obvious in your face corruption

  10. ChilloutSessionZ

    Whos part of the new age movement, christians, I have no love for any religon.

    Piss on them all.

    Welcome? to the Satanic deception, this is the only reign that is on this earth and has been.

  11. elevenplaneteleven

    I think she believes what she says. people have a hard time with the reptile stuff as I do. But, I find it amazing how regular house lizards change to adapt to their surroundings and if you? go ask a laymen on how it is they can do that they will say ” I dunno” but we dow itness this do we not? Just like your pets don’t understand the concept of cooking food. We might in turn cannot understand the “shapeshifting” concept that may be a everyday thing for these “reptilians”


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