5 thoughts on “Reptilians underground base – Arizona Wilder experiences Mind Control 3 of 6


    Cont 3,: they can manipulate you’r reality just being in sight of you The cabal is in bed with lions but they? receive all they desire but lose their soul for it so “they” the Box of monsters (earth) can be provided with ” live stalk ” with their large Gem encrusted goblets they have always on a six inch leather belt they gulp the blood and their mind intensifies with the jewels the hormone from the pituitary gland ,.


    Cont : day of administration a day of the beginning of new idea and letting go of old ones ! ( yea it’s real) look at the evidence The bohemians practice ancient Druidism and to gain favors from Satin you sacrifice and the blood for Interdementional reptilians and demential has to? have enriched hormone flooded blood and thru children is where they get the lip smacking hundreds of those trusted where the cloak – I came face to face with seven 8 foot tall red glowing eyed entities so powerf


    There so many out there that? have no idea how to come out or even know where all their own pieces are to pick up so many are involved and don’t even know because of the programs that they developed in the 80s . Everything is about numbers dates symbolism , many can’t blow a whistle because they were black mailed early on . Sandy hook ? Druids most anticipated first day of winter Solstice to appease satin 21 children Adam being 21 it occurred at 21°of sun and moon ushering in the “administra


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