Retrospek – Chem Trails (Official Music Video)

The following song and video are meant to enlighten and wake up the general public to the questionable activity that takes place in our Atmosphere, there is no explanation as to what the purpose of chem trails really are…and we may never know.. WAKE UP!! Directed by: BD3 Films ( For a free download of ‘Sleepwalkers Remedy’ and more Retrospek: @ByrdDa3rd @retrospek1

25 thoughts on “Retrospek – Chem Trails (Official Music Video)

  1. WorldChemTrailAlert


    I added your film. Please check out our channel and see the real time database we are collecting.

    If? you see Chems in action or? the aftermath, please get 1-2 minutes of footage or a few pics, title them with Location, Date, and Time. Then post on the facebook page linked on our channel. Or share the footage with our channel.

    Please help us get the word out on this epidemic of collusion — Forrest

  2. Manny Rivers vs. Chemtrails

    Love it. I have a channel dedicated to an ongoing chemtrail documentary and I just put this song on? my front page so it plays anytime someone visits. God bless and keep it up.

  3. TheAnalogical

    Would the guys who are responsible for this song allow it to be used on PSTV channel 192 which airs on Sunday evenings at 9.30pm UK time.. It is a program featuring Awareness musicians and is also online, please let me know and I will pass it to the network.?

  4. TheAnalogical

    I? am helping to promote Awareness musicians on TV, PSTV channel 192 on Sunday evenings called The Truth music directory and online too, would you like me to pass this to the network?


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