Ring Around The Sun? Chemtrails

This video shows seperate news stations all explaining(lying) about why there are rings around the sun and moon often now.This was not how it was before chemtrail spraying became rampant.

25 thoughts on “Ring Around The Sun? Chemtrails

  1. watershed44

    FREUDIAN SLIP AT 2:31 ! “chemical trail…”

    Kind of just like the FREUDIAN SLIP Donald Rumsfeld made when he spoke of the “missle” hitting the Pentagram on 9/11/2001.

    Are the freudian slips or could it be that their master, Satan, forces them to tell? the truth, just not in the most direct way.

  2. chokeonit

    today i noticed chem trails from east to west mainly. My daughter had asked what they were. Obviously she thinks they look abnormal as well. Something other than a cloud. I told her when i was her age those didn’t exist, and jets made small ones (clouds) that would disapear. We went inside after 20 min or so. The “cloud” got lower, wider. All the while more? were in the sky. I noticed it usually rains a day or two after this “phenomena”. Info says they(trails) stop rain?

  3. Bobster986

    When I first noticed them 3-4? years ago, I researched it on NASA’s web site. They said that they were a rare phenomena, but I see them now all the time. If it wasn’t so scary, I would be laughing instead of crying. To Hell with the NWO!

  4. wanker391

    THEY (?) ARE STUNTING OUR SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION BY BLOCKING OUR VITAL CONNECTION TO SOURCE…………….. THE SUN . These weather men know the truth,how the fuck can they live with themselve’s. Just like they’re bullshit explanation’s,maybe they are not? what they appear to be?

  5. JesusWasAspaceMan

    @thesheepleherder their hideouts? i see chem-trails all day long where i live (san diego). so the elite would have to run for cover every 20 minutes? and sure they have the best medicine there is, but why even RISK getting infected or whatever it is? they already poison our food while they eat the best there is, so why pollute the air too? i? dont get it

  6. thesheepleherder

    @JesusWasAspaceMan Many chemtrail planes are remotrely operated,you can tell? by the G’s they pull.The true elite have no worries,best medicine and air cleaning sytems in their hideouts.All they care about is greatly reducing our population….Great job humansW btw.

  7. JesusWasAspaceMan

    doesn’t the people behind the chem-trail spraying breath the same air? we do ???
    why would they infect/poison themselves ??

  8. MrAnonymous2012

    having short term mem. loss tired all the time whan they spray . I ask ppl all the time whats that in the sky, ho thats con trails, we awakened ones r doomed. ppl r realy brain dead. this is a soft kill? to reduce the population . you must die befor you get your ssi, ther is a few things you can take to reid the heavy metal, do some research. peace

  9. unknown0310

    chemtrail particles. this is in the agenda of? the reptilian fucks they authorize this shit and watch the aftermath while retards say weird clouds today

  10. KelliInTheRaw

    What’s funny is the weather guy first called it a chemical trail, and then turned right around and said it was not a chemtrail, but a contrail. Hmmmmmm. Can’t quite keep their story straight on air. But the sheeple will probably never notice.

    Because not only am I awake, I’ve had my coffee! We keep telling people to wake up. Maybe we just need to tell them to have some coffee. Then? they might start understand what’s happening to them.

  11. shadowsremain

    Does anyone else see nibiru on the 1:23 segment, its just below the sun, with the red around it.? Yet the newscaster makes no reference to this anomoly. LoL

  12. bodhii71

    Yep, the sky was a beautiful blue with cumulus clouds, just like when I was kid. Then they started spraying, nice sun halo, not. What’s even more disturbing, you can mention it to them and their eyes glaze over, selective hearing. My sister was talking to two meteorologists wannabes @ school and they are being? taught the the trails are ‘normal’, and that’s always been the case.

  13. questionsleadtotruth

    this happens on a daily basis where i live. it’s disgustin. i;m always looking up the beautiful blue sky being covered with this white film. it’s such bullshit. but hey, everyones too? preoccupied with their jersey shore and iphones, they dont realize whats really going on under…er….above their noses….

  14. Zenman1976

    @UkTruthSeeker2009 I have noticed chemtrails since late 90s (though in this guise it is a fairly new phenomenon).. CJAP has reportedly been in mass operation since around 1992 but they first started doing “occasional” spraying way back in the? 50s & 60s (likely for testing viral spores on populations back then)

  15. 1979bastardo

    He says it happens several times a year…well here in Phoenix its several times a week. As far as horizon spanning contrails? go…impossible!


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