25 thoughts on “Ron Paul Supporters Spray Vinegar at the Sky to “Kill” Chemtrails!

  1. Stereo3DProductions

    Holy shit this is sad! Obviously the antipsychotic medication in the states
    aren’t very effective.

  2. Morgoth Bauglir

    Yes the small amount of vinegar in that spray bottle will definitely reach
    contrails 20,000 feet up. Fucking retard.

  3. Darren Schebek

    Believing in “chemtrails” is bad enough, but believing that you can spray
    vinegar at the sky to get rid of them? **facepalm**?

  4. intigfx

    Your problem is thinking a youtube video constitutes valid research, as
    opposed to, you know, actual scientific research.

  5. johojo37601

    Those are “condensation trails”, usually called “con-trails” for short.
    They result from condensation of moisture during aerodynamic pressure
    effects of the passing airplane. They are clouds created by the airplane’s
    movement. Your vinegar spray has nothing to do with their dissipating
    (evaporating and dispersing). But notice how cleverly you have managed to
    keep Bengal tigers away from your neighborhood–keep up the good work!

  6. Gunnplay .

    How can you find ‘truth’, if you can’t even see most of it? Or choose to
    ignore it, because it doesn’t ‘fit’ in your ‘definition’ of fact finding?
    The scientific method locks out any idea that doesn’t fall within’ it’s
    ‘criteria’ for study, and creates ‘theories’, which are no more than
    educated guesses. Then, it hinges it’s understanding of reality on that
    weak platform, where concepts like multiple dimensions push the complexity
    of life far past any rational scientific understanding.

  7. David Stein alias David Cole, "Big Infidel"

    Actually, if you go to the link under the video and read the follow-up
    story, you’ll see that the people at the Daily Paul website admitted that
    “Chemtrailing” is an issue endemic to the Paul community, and, in fact, the
    Daily Paul admins decided to soft-pedal the issue during the primary. So
    don’t blame me, fella. The Paul people themselves admit this is an issue
    that Paulists gravitate toward, and they concede it might alienate or drive
    away potential new supporters.

  8. Aniranch1

    Somehow I think the son is humoring his Mom. I don’t think he believes this
    nonsense, but sometimes “going along with” nutty family members is easier
    than fighting it.

  9. TetryonPulseDisrupto

    It is all about supply and demand, we demand cheap toxic stuff, not
    expensive and some what non toxic or electric cars, because gas is still
    cheaper and it is “not so toxic” (only to other cars). The biggest problem
    we have is faith, every body waiting for Jashua Ben Josef to come back and
    if we left the planet (so others could evolve to where we are but we will
    make them go extinct) then he could not find us, so we must stay put until
    he comes back.


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