Rosalind Peterson on Alex Jones Tv 1/4″Geo-Engineering” The Atmosphere

Alex also talks with Rosalind Peterson of California SkyWatch about chemtrails and the Obama administration’s announced plan to “geoengineer” the atmosphere.

25 thoughts on “Rosalind Peterson on Alex Jones Tv 1/4″Geo-Engineering” The Atmosphere

  1. tphillips68

    keep pointing them out. I’ve got half my office in boston aware and several neighbors. print pics, drop them in the shitter. make stickers. whatever.

    just stop and? stare at them in public with a buddy and point up. murmur chemtrail. people will stop and look and even ask.

  2. Nineveh Zoudo

    ya all my friends think I’m crazy. My grandfather has alzheimer’s and I get the feeling its probably not natural. I don’t? think there’s a point to anything anymore, no one fckin cares enough to wake up. A lot of people are just not open-minded.

  3. MsArgentana

    On my youtube page I dowloaded three movie pictures of trails above our skys in Dolomiti. At the beginning they wrote “what is this matter?? where could they inform tehmselbes?”. I answered just chek the sky or insert in youtube CHEMTRAILS and what ever name of country. Some were afterwords astonished and in a couple of weeks they wrote to the local newspaper dealing about the matter. So never detain if people consider you a bit crazy. Kiss Claudia

  4. JeffnDenmark

    I have tried to talk to people about this with neighbors, and friends, and they just get a blank stupid look on their face, or roll their eyes like Im crazy.
    I think most people are to? far gone to be saved.

  5. g0sth4ck3d

    This has been going on for DECADES. Check your old family photos. I’ve found evidence from 1977 here in north america. So it could have been limited testing over certain areas for a couple decades and then in 95 the program went into full scale effect.

    The technology to? put aerosols into the environment from planes has existed since the 1940s.

  6. MsArgentana

    Effectively most people are not aware of that. I ask them to take notice and they get barely surprised. Further to environement damages, the cloudy heavy dark skys are very depressive. They are not natural and here in Europe theygive very chill climate. All this “persons-corporation or nations”? hope they have ready another planet after killing our earth.

  7. Hyronymuss

    Chemtrail – Online Petitionsantrag genehmigt beim Deutschen Bundestag

    Petitions ID 9847 Verbot Geoengineering

    Ende der Mitzeichnungsfrist 07 April 2010

    h t t p s epetitionen bundestag de

    “Verbot? Geoengineering”

    Macht mit – Bitte weiterverbreiten

    Ich habe meinen Blauen Himmel – den gebe ich nicht her – “Dark City” – “Sie Leben”

  8. ddiiaa52

    They were working overtime this morning, criss crossing all over the sky. The sky would have been? blue if it hadn’t been for these creeps. I know they are poisioning us.

  9. LLCoolPass

    it’s true ! but, I dont think it was intentionally done, I think the quest for good engines and so on? has let to the conditions

  10. N37BU6

    I remember a guy about 5 years ago on Discovery? Channel… he was saying contrails were out of control, and were trapping heat.

  11. styles5519

    1 question ive got to ask i respect aj for all the hard work he does & research but how does he get to survive without getting into real s–t? his a brave man keep it up aj .

  12. Stefan1826MV2

    This is Bob.? Soon bob will take over youtube! spread this to 50 videos. It will soon be on the news. then you will know you helped spread Bob?

  13. frickadele

    MR/MS. Joe Public watch state? run CNN…
    local state run propaganda news…
    listen to scared djs on the state run radio…
    go to Summerfest each year….
    worry about their weight.

    Now they’re told….
    their lives are in danger.

    Prolonged adolescent people…
    are incapable of leaving their cages.

    Sleeping with their eyes open.

    These people are just albatroses around our necks.

  14. Devondgf

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    This rox… Thank you very much.

  15. anastasia81472

    The only way to beat the globalist masters is to have a loving relationship, happy family that stays together. ? I’ve been victim of their breaking up of society in the past, but I’ve found a man now who agrees with me. Finally, I can beat them. I’m going to marry this man and truly live happily ever after. I’m awake, I know their plans, and I will WIN!!!

  16. hplaserjet2001

    CanadaLarry: Trust your instinct and don’t let anyone? distract you from your message. I ignore flamers, don’t waste my time with them. I suspect many are working for the government and are trying to discredit or inflame. We are living in dangerous times. I hope it doesn’t get as bad as it was in Argentina, but fear it will. There is strength in numbers. We’ll have to be brave and strong and not let them win.


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