Rosalind Peterson: The GeoEngineering Cover-Up (1 of 7)

Rosalind Peterson of California Skywatch was a certified USDA. Farm Service Agency Crop Loss Adjuster working in more than ten counties throughout California. She now spearheads a watchdog group that monitors uncontrolled experimental weather modification programs and attempts to mitigate global warming by blocking the suns rays.. Peterson is at the forefront of the chemtrail research field looking into how the unexplained patterns that scar our skies are causing detrimental human health effects and environmental degradation.

4 thoughts on “Rosalind Peterson: The GeoEngineering Cover-Up (1 of 7)

  1. ShaliachShalom

    I’ve never seen this in the skies anywhere I’ve lived until yesterday evening. I? believed it was happening in other places but felt confident that it didn’t happen here. On our way to town I could see the sky, in one section, full of criss-cross patterns and the “clouds” that had spread out from older ones which still had a faint line through the center. I could not believe it!


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