CHEMWEBS GALORE FALLING FROM THE SKY!!!!!!! If you don’t believe in chemtrails then perhaps this video might change your mind!! If not then I guess you can pretend that this video is ‘just spider webs’. This is the 5th CHEMWEB event I have observed over the past 2 months. This is not a one off event, and If you don’t believe me then look for yourself next time. Oh and when will that be? Glad you asked, the next CHEMWEB fall WILL occur with the next High pressure system which brings clear skys, and very little wind. These are the optimum conditions to observe it. Direct sunlight is required to catch sight of the webs, they visibly vanish if the sun goes behind a cloud. Windless conditions enable the webs to waft downwards in a visible manner as opposed to rushing past in the air. Don’t take my word for it OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE!! i HAVE UPLOADED A NEW VIDEO. See here,

25 thoughts on “Saturday 7th July MELBOURNE CHEMWEBS

  1. James Mulholland

    Still as healthy as a bull. I am perhaps a bit like my father, I? hate doctors and hospitals and tend to NOT want to know.. I know that’s silly but that’s how I am.

  2. Bigragu Adams

    James? Have you gotten any rash type symptoms since shooting this video?? Please be careful and if you’re able…get checked? for Morgellon’s!!!

  3. caseguit

    thank you very much james you made? ??a great job on chemtrails and ChemWeb as you take to explain to users what is happening in our world, but many people do not see yet. I thank you again and displays your videos on my facebook for all my friends from Canada that they understand what the chemtrails and ChemWeb.

  4. carol75150

    The only proof I have is 8:30 min into video by Terral03 titled 911/HMO Mysterious Sickness. I suggest you direct your question to the guy who made that video. Ask him if he’ll send you a copy? of the document.

  5. carol75150

    Haarp is using nano-technologies in the chemtrails. They’re spraying you with micro-fibers, those fibers you inhale and ingest into your stomach & when there they crystallize and grow and divide to a certain size & then they start growing filaments and that’s called Morgellans? disease. Look up Borax cures on Google. Boron is the main ingredient. Click my name and see lastest video “FILAMENT FILL SKY” for more info

  6. James Mulholland

    Its hard to know what the hell is going on given all the missinformation that a? vacuum of TRANSPARENCY generates.

  7. scvengeance

    but.. you can see webs all over the light fixture.. and you can hear? a person saying “look, see those spider webs” … =/

  8. James Mulholland

    I agree, the wheels are turning very slowly for my sample sadly. However? as many people are aware, carnicominstitute does seem to be at the forefront on research into these fibres.

  9. cscorpio1985

    Has anybody take some of that thing and test it, see what it does, what it is??? i will try to? find them, we need to be informed, understand what they do, how they work in order to reverse what ever they want to achieve with this! If some one is ahead on this post the information, share knowledge, that is the key my friends, KNOWLEDGE

  10. TheMrZ007

    Sorry I have to reply like that BTW, YouTube won’t let me directly reply to anyone’s comments for the past 2+ weeks now. I think it’s b/c I’ve made comments about things that piss YT off, lol. Like talking crap about the US Govt, the president, Monsanto GMOs & the FDA, telling ppl to rise up & fight our corrupt Govt, Fukushima radiation, FEMA, BP oil spill & Synthia, chemtrails, etc, etc. Anyway,? yeah I was just curious about how you were able to get a space b/w your YT user name, lol. Peace!

  11. TheMrZ007

    @James Mulholland – No problem, I enjoyed the video a lot. I checked out your channel & we seem to like the same material & you have some other cool videos so I’m going to subscribe. I did see the Hawaii video by Sheilaaliens, in fact that’s how I found you & your video! That string trash in the water was same crap for sure, the Coast Guard just put on a show to make ppl think our Govt gives a rat’s ass? & they’re the ones spraying us!
    And the “space” I meant was the 1 b/w “James” & “Mulholland”

  12. James Mulholland

    Thanks for the post. As to the question.. what do you mean “a space b/w your user name”
    Not sure I understand.
    Have you seen my Hawaii video? If not please do. Also? please click the link to see the update from TODAY. Credits go to SheilaAliens

  13. TheMrZ007

    Wow, the path you left to go collect those chemwebs really puts it into perspective. That’s truly disgusting they’re dumping that much of that garbage on people! Thanks for documenting it! I’ve never seen such a high concentration of those things before! The only time I’ve really noticed them was? in my parent’s pool, you could clearly see them floating on top of the water & they definitely were not spider webs!
    Unrelated question: How did you get a space b/w your user name, lol? Just wondering.

  14. James Mulholland

    Funny, thanks for the laugh. We all need a good laugh. Thx for posting,? and especially thanks to your daughter for viewing and yourself. All the best.


    My daughter recommends you get a stick and swirl up a nice? big Cotton Candy . Maybe serve it up to the chemtrail pilots ?

  16. James Mulholland

    I? really appreciate the concern and all I have in my defense is male arrogance (It will never happen to me mentality.). I will be more cautious in future.

  17. revmichellehopkins

    Sweety, don’t you know what this crap is capable of? A miserable death, is one of the nicer? things it can do to you! Please stay away from this murderous filth! It can kill you, or worse. But thanks for the video. It is extremely telling! (o: Blessing to you.

  18. SuperDeltaBravo1

    The Time has come for all us little people to call the so called elite & rogue Governments on this – foremost being THE UNITED NATIONS itself – aka “League of Nations” as THEY are behind One? World Governance (Communism/ Globalism) & “Agenda 21”. Subbed ya too, BTW! DO stay in touch. You’ll find a TON of stuff like this on my page (Channel) Together we the people can DO this! AND MUST!!!


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