Scientists Grow MEAT In A Lab

Scientists Grow Meat in a Lab Researchers say cultured meat can reduce global warming and eliminate diseases. I wonder if this is something the “elite” will consume? I think not.

25 thoughts on “Scientists Grow MEAT In A Lab

  1. Jumac Jo

    I don’t feel like that often but this is the moment? where I get to be proud to be a person. Once this technologies is mastered and proven to work with no side effect, there will be so much benefit. No more the torturing of animal in farms and many more.Vegetarian should start getting happy.

  2. Wombleonastick

    Like we haven’t done that before, like oh I don’t know… when we made farm animals the way they are today? Or like when we made dogs? You’re? a fucking moron if you really think that is a good reason for us to put forward a plan that might be cheaper than breeding animals and will save billions of animals from having to be slaughtered for meat.

  3. BiddaBiddaCherryPie

    In basically all apes except chimps they have a 99%? vegetation based diet. And in chimps meat only accounts for around 5% of their diet, and the majority of that meat is cannibalized. I am willing to accept we are slightly evolved for meat, but nothing in comparison to how much we eat. Considering red meat is terrible for us, and we have the cook the majority of it because our bodies cannot fight off the bacteria raw, we are simply not very designed for it.

  4. Luca Jacaruso

    Please look up “world liberation day” on youtube. Be responsible by recognizing yourself as part of the world,? and therefore part of the world’s condition. Be responsible for peace.

  5. TheYipedo

    For sure they would. While I agree that eating factory-farmed meat is destructive to the environment? and perhaps health, calling meat consumption unnatural is just beyond absurd. Our ancestors have been hunting ever since they came down from the trees and walked in the savannah (even chimps hunt). If there’s anything ‘unnatural’ about our diet today, it’s the fact that we eat a LOT of grains. We didn’t start eating them in huge quantities until 10k years ago. Not that it’s bad or anything.

  6. OmegaX2Z

    Sell it as Veggie burgers. I think that’s a great place to start. I wouldn’t want to eat it. Human error will never know the long term outcomes,? right off.

  7. simon fergus

    i have a question! If we eat this meat that will? not give us food poisioning, will that have an effect on our immune systems ability?

  8. 4evil2me

    Ewww… I’d never eat that, it wouldn’t taste good, if it would taste anything at all. The problem is? that everything that the animal does, affects the taste of the meat.

  9. gf3030

    If all farm raised animals come to an end and all meat is? grown in a lab. Wonder if all the vegans who say humans are not made to eat meat will change there minds?

  10. mphello

    .. ineffective and then complain and criticize them for being too aggressive or being succesful at punishing their opponents.

    This applies to ANY movement or cause, even one’s I disagree? with.

  11. mphello

    No. I hate their bullying and terrorism against farmers. They illegally vandalize farmers’ property and threaten to steal it. However, they are not ALL evil. If they’d just learn to respect property rights and stick to optimizing biotechnology in? the lab, perhaps they wouldn’t engender so much hatred.

    Abolitionist philosophy WOULD do more for animals if it had more firepower.
    It is logically inconsistent and hypocritical to criticize a movement for being ineffective

  12. T.H.E. Outlaw

    You don’t have to be a vegan to be opposed to factory farms. I’m not a vegan, and I donate regularly to the Humane Society of the United States because they don’t preach phony “abolitionist” bullshit which does nothing for the animals. HSUS works for humane farming which is better for the animals and better for the? environment than the factory farms.

    The abolitionists and the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) are united in their hatred of humane farming.

  13. mphello

    Government needs to put trillions of dollars into this meat-synthesizing biotechnology instead of bank bailouts and pay for corporate executives for doing nothing but stealing wealth, rather than creating it.

    Breeding animals for food is murder. Outlaw it now. Until we get this technology going,? go vegan.

  14. FancyPonys

    I didn’t hear them say what skeletal muscles and such this meat is being? made from. They had to harvest them from somewhere in order to …. clone the meat…..


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