Seeking Chemtrail Videos and Pictures from the Community

I’m seeking help from the community.. I’m looking for video and pictures (good quality) for use in an upcoming documentary type film I will be doing about Chemtrails. The documentary type film will be released free for anyone who wants to see it. You must have the rights to any video or picture you submit and by submitting the video or picture to me you are giving me rights to use it in a multimedia production. You also agree the resulting multimedia production will be released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported: For those interested in seeing a lab report dealing with Chemtrails (mainly some proof for those who are not informed but too stupid to look into it themselves): Keywords: chemtrail, chemtrails, conspiracy, conspiracies, government, nwo, new world order, documentary, truth, video, picture, photo

25 thoughts on “Seeking Chemtrail Videos and Pictures from the Community

  1. 5cats2

    You can go to my facebook page deltadawndesign or Dawn Renae Camp and look under videos and photos I have a variety there if you need something specific or different let me know. I’ll do anything to help get the word out.

  2. yesiamanalien

    @5cats2 Not too late, upload them somewhere I can access them and I’ll download them. Contact me for further info if needed.

  3. leprechaun1963

    @SawyerAero those aren’t contrails, if you were such a big aviation enthusiast you’d know that already.Water vapour trails from plane exhaust sytems does not last more than a min. or 2. And it doesn’t cool a little while later when the whole sky is a white haze.

  4. yesiamanalien

    @torchbrothers: When I get the time to put it together. A hell of a lot has been going on in my life this year and I just haven’t had the time to do any projects I wanted.

  5. SawyerAero

    Dunno my friend. I know there is not a whole lot of flying going on after 10pm, (2200hrs). and I don’t think there is any cooling or warming trend going on. Where I live in the country, Average summer temps this year were in the mid 90’s, which is normal here and has been for a while. This winter, Normal temps ranging from 20 to 30 night, 40 to 50 day. That’s the norm here. But hey maybe its a regulating system someone has going on. Trying to keep normal temps going. who knows.. :)

  6. yesiamanalien

    You have to admit that at the very least, “contrails” are causing abnormal warming or cooling depending if they are “released” during the day or night.

  7. SawyerAero

    I’m a big aviation enthusiast, fly for fun, but I feel nothing from these cool looking contrails, personally, i think it looks kinda cool, but as far as harming effects from these? ehhh….. doubt it.

  8. yesiamanalien

    The thing is, the majority of people believe chemtrails are just contrails. You can show them all the evidence you want but unless you can have a number of competent scientists speak about chemtrails and their nature then most just wont listen.

  9. 2012forlove

    I am actually feeling sick with chest infection atm, which I think from the spraying they did a while back. Trying to get back on top.

    Rallies must be organised. Everybody should be united to turn over these people on the dark side … we need to take back the freewill and freedom to enjoy our lives in health … we need a long rally all over the world …. the question is how do we do this ?

    we need celebrities to get involved ? they need to know that their health is also at risk …

  10. SiouxSyndicate

    Hello people..if anyone got more info…about involving goverments and companies please send it to me…spread that from not only concerned about chemics they use..THEY REALLY DESTROY THE LANDSHAPE…NO DUTCH PAINTER STILL CAN SEE NORMAL CLOUDS HERE BECAUSE OF PLANES…ITS ALL LINES…WHITE LINES!!! DONT DO IT!!!

    THEY ALSO PUT IT ON ALL THE TREES HERE TO KILL A KIND OF RUPS..insect….AND THEY CLAIM ITS REALLY SAFE…yep….The whole flying industry is a false lie! peace

  11. dontpoisonme

    we invite you all to come to our PUBLIC SEMINAR AND RALLY TO DEMAND GOV’ AND MEDIA TELL THE TRUTH about chemtrails. at Albert Waterways HALL Broadbeach Gold Coast 14th June 1.00pm we all globally MUST get gov’ to put a stop to these CIA USA secret JETs spraying Barium, Poisons, and Virus. see videos dontpoisonme

  12. yesiamanalien

    I know they are just full of it. I’ve seen all the proof I need (in person) to know something is up. Be sure to rate if you haven’t already :-)

  13. tabitie

    Dazed is Dysinfo. He posts everywhere that these are contrails, even though we’ve got footage of the white stuff COMING OUT THE TAIL of the aircraft. Dazed, go outside and breathe deep. Make sure all that nice barium and asbestos goes into your lungs. Happy lung cancer!

  14. yesiamanalien

    @Dazed767: So you don’t want to look at a lab report about the chemical contents of a chemtrail? Sounds to me like you don’t want to hear the truth. I’m sorry sir but you will be destroyed due to your ignorance.

  15. Dazed767

    These are contrails, wake up people. I’m not going to bother looking at these websites you talk of because they’re run by the same paranoid conspiracy theorist weirdos.

  16. stars15k

    For those informed by science, chemtrails are a stupid conspiracy with no basis in reality. There is no proof that chemtrail exist. At least, no credible proof.


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