Senator Johnson addresses chemtrail/geoengineering progams

Michael J. Murphy interviews former Arizona Senator karen Johnson about addressing Chemtrail/geoengineering programs at the political level.

25 thoughts on “Senator Johnson addresses chemtrail/geoengineering progams

  1. imbz4peace

    I have also written to my local Congressman and received back the same response…that they are normal con-trails. I have not heard back from my local? Assemblyman.

  2. natemorte

    Nope you think your keeping your self? from looking like a”kook”by not admitting you see chem-trails lingering overhead ,but your makeing yourself look retarded when there is a tic tac toe pattern in the sky. so-called “kook” vs retard
    Or maybe you have Doublethink straight out of 1984?

  3. MitochondriaDNA

    End Eco-engendering experiments on the U.S. Write your representative legislature? about your desire to do such.

  4. yenlowang2011

    thanks for action and thanks for the video, i am thinking the best thing you can do is let everyone know something is? being done to all of us without our permission, who asks to be killed?

  5. jewels454

    I just returned from a NDAA duel protest. The Tea Party and The Occupy Movement joined together to protest this law. That is amazing in it’s self. As far as the grand conspircy
    (chemtrails,lluminati,? NWO) they are clueless and think your a kook when you say anything about it. I present facts and people are silent. Oh well, I am fully awake and working on my consciousness. I hope they wake up soon.

  6. Wisconsinchemtrails

    I contacted my state lawmakers and they said this is a federal issue. Contacted the Congressman Sean Duffy’s office and all they did was copy and paste my concerns to the Major General of the Wisconsin National Guard who said all this is normal,? said jets can’t turn trails on and off. They are probably turning up the hose pipe on full blast over me now as Duffy gave the Major MY NAME!! Sen Ron Johnson’s office was worse. Refused to look at time lapse video & didn’t answer my email/phone call

  7. vtcpdx

    Of course it’s a simple and easy process. It’s meant to be that way because it is useless, futile, and it gives citizens the? feeling that they are doing something even all of their power has been taken away.

  8. ctwatcher

    Hutchison was one of co? sponsers on this bill for weather mod. She is a liar and a fraud and thank god she’s leaving! I’ll even go so far as to call all of them that voted for this mass murderer’s. All in govt allowing this are criminals.

  9. txhippiegal

    I have contacted all three of my Texas reps. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison; Sen. JohnCornyn AND Congressman Randy Neugebauer. All three of them sent me letters back stating that chemtrails and geo-engineering do NOT exist? and what I’m seeing is regular con-trails from commercial aircraft. The letter I wrote was long with references noted. I was completely blown-off and ignored and basically told I need to stop worrying about things. So, tell me, how are we supposed to get their attention?

  10. DorcasLeigh

    You’re trying very hard to alert your legislators in Arizona? Hw many legislators are there in Arizona, and how hard is it to get info to them? … or any other state…. Legislators aren’t goiong? to do anything about this… 2nd amendment is best defense

  11. ArtzGirl8

    Breakthrough Research on the subject of Chemtrails and how they are linked with the use of directed energy weapons and high tech surveillance technology. It has taken me a year and a half to compile this information.

    Go to: — read the article called…. Chemtrails: The “Shocking” Truth… this will explain everything that I have pulled together from my own? research and personal experience with this technology.

  12. sparksnavy

    @SuperDeltaBravo1 and @a2zhandi–

    Either I misread your comments or missed something–I totally agree on what is going on and more is to come—something major to the U.S. and Obama declaring Martial Law–Obama is doing his? damn–dist–to destroy this country!
    A dictator in the making,a tyrant and despot marxist and admitted Muslim–need I say more?


  13. sparksnavy

    I see how well you express yourself in your use of gutter language—to express words from old:None are so blind as they’re not willing to see,none are so deaf as they’re not willing to hear—
    You are the type that will panic,being unprepared,when it all comes? down!

    Take heed you have been warned!


  14. a2zhandi

    Yes. It’s all a BIG FAT lie. How many lies do the dumb ass sheep need before they begin to see the light?
    I bet the masses won’t see? until shit dries up after hitting the fan.
    And blows away!

  15. SuperDeltaBravo1

    – I couldn’t agree more. IMHO they are the wolves in sheeps’ clothing. For this Agenda 21 & corrupt WHO (see? Dr. Rema Laibow) – Codex Alimentarius & global spraying they are ALL in on it.

  16. a2zhandi

    The UN is directly responsible for all global issues.
    IMHO should be dismantled. After all members are tried for a? host crimes against humanity of course…

  17. SuperDeltaBravo1

    This is a global issue but trickles all the way down to local Govt. It’s a HUGE issue but we must take a collective stand for an? immediate STOP to this poison as well as the H5N1 killer manmade virus. If you’ve NO IDE what I am referring to please visit mfromcanada as she just posted a fresh vid TODAY that EVERYONE MUST SEE! Thanks for posting this. It’s beyond being long overdue. This is a result of Public Law 105-85 (Nov 97) & HR-2977 in the USA. Re: “UN” see Agenda 21 & Codex Alimentarius TY

  18. bab8649

    Congress passed bills allowing this in? the first place….they all know what is going on….nothing will change! They are corrupt…just look at the NDAA!

  19. iondetox

    Thank you people.. for all your doing. Yes. I’ve been in this since 1989 and it’s a huge? problem.. check out my channel..

  20. iluvmyemok

    Thank you, I’ll check. I have never seen anything resembling a chemtrail where I live (thank goodness!). Maybe they don’t want to waste chemicals in rural areas.?

  21. writingsinthesky

    If you simply look up and begin to be aware? of what the sky looks like you will have taken a huge step. If you want to see some very blatant video of what has gone on in California right over my neighborhood, visit my channel. Especially view Chemtrail Barrage.

  22. GSRJosh33

    U.S. Powder Chemtrail generation Patent # 3899144. LOOK IT UP. House bills that outline and give it a green light? are? HR-2995 and? HR-3445. LOOK IT UP.Great video.


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