Shasta County Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering Contamination Cover-Up

Shasta County Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering Contamination Cover-Up Numerous residents from Shasta County have reported multiple tests to the Shasta County Air Quality District that reveal a mass contamination of both aluminum and barium. Aluminum in free form is very toxic to eco-systems and human health. Residents of the county believe that the source of contamination is from geo-engineering/chemtrail programs that allegedly have been deployed on a mass scale during the past few years. Despite many attempts from concerned residents to get the office to look into this, no action has been taken to date to address this issue. Watch as Michael J. Murphy and Paul Wittenberger confront Shasta County Air Quality District’s Ross Bell on hidden camera about his alleged involvement with the cover-up. After watching, you will find that he has no intentions of addressing this important issue. Please take a moment to e-mail and call Ross Bell to educate him on the dangers of geo-engineering programs and also to let him know that we will not tolerate a cover-up that is so harmful to eco-systems and human health. Ross Bell’s contact info 530-225-5674 “What in the World are They Spraying?” – Official Trailer Pre-Order Film

25 thoughts on “Shasta County Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering Contamination Cover-Up

  1. ctwatcher

    This guy is dressed like he’s ready to go on vacation to an island, not thinking about his cushy job. Go look at those who run Sierra County. Go to Grass Valley, CA and ask to talk to Joe Fish and Gretchin Bennet at Air Quality. The lights are on but nobody’s home!

  2. IwontConform

    its amazing how officials skirt around this issue.But maybe if journalists like murphy can continue to appeal to someone`s conscience,maybe they`ll have the courage to do the right thing and disclose what they know,even at the potential loss of their job or reputation at the hands of their superiors.A tough spot to be in.I suppose a journalist would have to offer some assurance of protection to an official before they spilled any information.

  3. wildwelder123

    just goes to show you….he knows …look at his face….but it is all about the dollar some guvment spook told these people if you want to keep your cushy lazy ass job keep your mouth shut,probably a little threat to the family i would imagine,,,there are no patriots anymore just slaves to the worthless dollar….and he’ll probabaly come down with the “old timers” and forget anyways

  4. cloudburstlenepmhq

    The Oil companies are trying their best to stop free energy ideas from spreading to common ppl.
    We need to put an end to this corruption ,start generating your own electricity now.
    Visit LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM and get the blueprints . Join the Revolution!!

  5. marypoppins2009

    You have to have stats, findings, research IN HAND when you approach these incompetent bureaucrats!…Never go in..and ask about their ‘concern’…they only care about the money and retirement money they get from this govt. job…that is it!!

  6. xtymiller

    They sky has been clear for the past couple days… Probably not the case tomorrow. That’s usually how they do it here now ever since they went into the Air Quality office.

  7. AetherWisp

    Just watching this man NOT do his job to protect the citizens should scare the hell out of everyone. This man’s reaction is horrifying.

  8. NoorAlHaqiqa

    To those who mock the poster of this video and doubt its integrity, look at it this way.

    What is, IS, and no matter of denial will change that basic fact.

    Mockery and sarcasm are usually symptoms of fear of what is, a great way to cover up the truth that, deep inside, resonates as the truth. Your denial will change nothing in the course of events, nothing. Whereas you acceptance and resolve to fight, is much more likely to yield positive results.

  9. Skywitness

    @flickervertigo1 YAWNnnn….you can do whatever you want, but the truth will remain that chemtrails are being sprayed throughout the world, and you and your other playmate shills are failing horribly in your efforts to cover-up the truth of the chemtrail spraying operations.

  10. flickervertigo1

    we could think up some horrendous crime, accuse Skywitness and EnergySupply2008 of committing that crime, then flood youtube with our accusations.
    going by their standards, that’s all the evidence we’d need.
    how long will it take for them to start screeching about “due process” and “rules of evidence” and “chain of custody” and “justice”?

  11. Skywitness

    @beachtroll2010 Ahh, I see inquiring about your past is a sensitive issue for you. The inquiries have made you jump pretty high.

    Jazz, oops, I mean beachtroll, is there something you want to get off your chest about your past? Go ahead and talk.

  12. beachcomber2008

    Hi witless, I see you’re
    STILL adhomming away like there’s no tomorrow
    STILL avoiding ALL the practical questions
    STILL losing your temper when you’re losing
    That last part was never suggested in my Jay Reynolds piece called
    which you will find on my page “HERE”, at
    jazzroc. wordpress. com
    You should reread it and get back up to speed
    You should learn to delegate – not defecate
    Genuine Bull does it better

  13. Skywitness

    @beachtroll2010 Hehehe….says the shill who spends his life ducking and covering….hiding and evading, the truth.

  14. beachcomber2008

    @EnergySupply2008 Air samplers are privately manufactured by private companies and are are privately bought by members of the public throughout the western world
    You could go and buy one tomorrow
    Yet NO-ONE ANYWHERE has produced EVEN A SINGLE VERIFIED CHEMICAL ANALYSIS of the filtrate sheet out of one of these machines
    There IS a good reason for this: you are all INEPT
    You cannot do the science, you cannot do the math
    You cannot even produce a FAKE
    You haven’t a ……. clue
    You THINK you think

  15. Skywitness

    @beachtroll2010 What exactly is your problem? How did you end up being a lousy, lowlife, lying shill, who is ruthlessly involved with trying to cover-up the illegal and murderous chemtrail spraying campaign?

    What happened, your parents didn’t show you any love growing up, so as a result you feel the whole world is going to suffer because of what you didn’t get as a child?


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