Shepard Ambellas Of The Intel Hub On ELENIN & NASA & Sylvain Henry’s “War Against Lies”

Intel Hub’s Shepard Ambellas & Sylvain Henry Chemtrail Activist The Real Deal With Elenin? Intel Hub Note: No ones knows exactly if Elenin is a comet, planet x, or a complete psy op. There appears to be some reservations among amateur astronomy enthusiasts, as well as privately funded entities concerning Leonard Elenin’s discovery of the Comet C/2010 X1. There are the obvious questions of his credentials, his fortuitous luck in tracking down a Magnitude 19 moving object when many more well equipped personages have failed to do so, and more importantly, the lack of any notable press coverage over the event. Instead, speculation is intensifying that Comet C/2010 X1 / Elenin is actually a cover for the real deal: an old brown dwarf, a sister sun for the our Sol — a moving, planetary-size mass of collapsing clouds with three moons that is on a 3600 year orbit around the galaxy. It has been referred to as Nibiru (D23K9) by some, and NASA’s seeming reluctance to dispel the notion has only served to increase and indirectly feed the rumor mill to almost breaking point. FIRST HALF HOUR GUEST: Shepard Ambellas, founder of the Intel Hub elaborates space, NASA, and Earth’s mission. ******************************************************************************** SECOND HALF HOUR GUEST SYLVAIN HENRY CONTACT INFO 623-600-LEAD The war is on! Join us on the

25 thoughts on “Shepard Ambellas Of The Intel Hub On ELENIN & NASA & Sylvain Henry’s “War Against Lies”

  1. bubblerings

    (like your username)
    @bubblerings All jokes aside, may the pro-NWO join the Human family.
    We are? all in this, together… somehow, it will turn out better Without eradicating 80% of us.
    There is a lot of Positive energy coming into humanity… would be a shame to not see it ripen after thousands of years of non-sense.

  2. bubblerings

    I like your name!

    The uncaring NWO planners need to learn to take? better care of the Earth and its inhabitants.
    -They really need to learn to Recycle more… they can start by eating my $hit, greedy thug losers.

  3. miiitymous

    @DeliriousKindness1 WOW!? Not too many people know or acknowledge that! But you are absolutely correct! Keep your eye on Chicago, and watch out for 11/22/11.

  4. SoulFactS

    @acrandy2002 You still with me?. It is possible to create? a magneticfield strong enough to screw with this model. 2 bad that what I’m talking about is not true according to modern science. Gravity sits in my way. Let’s indeed all kling on some stupid theory based centries ago performed without any vision to a universal scale. Lol I know I’m wrong, You know things a lot better then me. But how many 15 year old kids you know, are talking about string theory before they new it was a theory?

  5. SoulFactS

    @acrandy2002 have to call you back on that one. A bit physics 101. Voyager found the edge of our solar system a year ago. Large magnetic bubbles and most likely the edge of our suns magnetic field. Einsteins relativity tells us that without light there is no matter. Electromagnetic waves and light are the same right. Well if the suns electromagnetic field is shielding our? solarsystem it also states that the sun is alpha and everything else is subject to it.

  6. SoulFactS

    Why can’t I find one thing on that bm52 outbreak in canada?
    Tried all kinds of combination of search terms. outbreak canada and so on. All search for the past week. Nothing. If this guy is right, I’m afraid? to say that some societies are field-testing these disease’s. Again if this is true it would have been the third controlled outbreak. I study biotechnology, and have a good knowledge of this. A controlled outbreak is not natural. from 0 to 3000 ppl sick in one week and then nothing… WOW

  7. Alan S

    the CERN theory is wrong….the Sun’s magnetic portals hold the Earth in place, no particle accelerator can steer the planet in one direction or another, way too dangerous and not even possible….if the Sun is setting further north than usual, that would means that the? Northern hemisphere is somehow tilting differently that it usually does…The Earth’s tilt changes with the seasons, so the Earth tilt has probably changed a little due to the force of Planet X

  8. davyro66

    Elenin just doesn’t seem to be following a path that a comet would follow naturally,the forces of gravity in our solar system don’t seem to? be having an affect on it.By the way its acting it looks like Elenin is affecting the planets instead of the other way round.I could be quite wrong its just something I’ve picked up on.

  9. catbox

    I’d start watching the wealthy and? politicians….check out their movements. If anything is coming, no doubt you will see these people migrating in mass before TSHTF.

  10. skywriter1962

    Down loading of info?…hmmm, i never put that together w/ my missing time…wow! what a revelation…I believe i had something in my foot, that worked its way out of my foot after having an MRI, i don’t know why i didn’t keep? it though it was like i was compelled to toss it, i really hadn’t thought of all of this until now! OMG…..

  11. mirasdreamland

    no i do not what r they playing with inthe antartic hope u ahve read my psot to and check out wwwtribulation-noworg youll have to put the periods in after the w’s and before? the org they wont let me do it

  12. mirasdreamland

    u may want to check out the website wwwtribulation-noworg ul have to put the? period in after the w’s and befor org they wont let me do that it will give u insite to what these aliens really r and y they r here this is referred to in the bibleas well as elenin and nibiru and the destruction of the earth and y it is happening there is alot of information on this site so please go with an open mind and heart and god bless u

  13. NotForSale2NWO

    We have just been real busy behind the scenes. I will let Shep know that people are starting to wonder where is? he. He will be doing his once a week radio show again soon and maybe even more. Thanks for the support

  14. haarpWillNOTbeSilent

    Cern, or Sern is another one of their gods. The god Sern is a god of the underworld…! Look into it for yourself… and look at my other comments and see if you can get that playlist to work. If not and you’re interested in seeing it, just pm me. They are definitely using CERN…! Also the Ex-Mouth HAARP facility in Australia. And do you? know what they’re playing with down in The Antarctic..?

  15. MrCati

    Years ago when I was writing in blogs about CERN steering the planet while under control? of technology, many laughed at me. Now, those postings from years ago will prove my theory is potential correct. While I never understood who exactly was in control, but I felt it could be done to save the planet from a pending disaster. It also would prove that time travel technology exists so that such CERN efforts could be undertaken to do so. Foreknowledge proves it. Steering the planet is for Elenin.

  16. haarpWillNOTbeSilent

    That link does not work for some reason. Try this and if not just message me and I’ll send it to you…

  17. haarpWillNOTbeSilent

    ELENIN backwards is Nine-El or the Number and Name of Saturn.. Saturn-El. The whole thing is a play on words. Like 9/11 was the same thing and here is an amazing video series on the astrological alignment that happened on 9/11 that involved Saturn. We have been and still are dealing with lunatic PTSNB who worship Saturn…! Funny Lopez should mention Time, as in Time &? Space which the planet Saturn pretty much controls. Planet X is Saturn and Nibiru is a lunar point on the moon. These are facts.

  18. SkyBlueAugust

    The problem with the chemtrail guest was? that he did not provide any facts about chemtrails. Disappointing.


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