Shin Megami Tensei IV – Fiend Chemtrail Boss Battle

New demon to the series I believe. This battle is all about surviving the first two turns and getting your debuffs in before he kills anyone in your party. A…

15 thoughts on “Shin Megami Tensei IV – Fiend Chemtrail Boss Battle

  1. CheapPopMan

    Thanks. ? Going to try it again today. Was doing this for a couple of hours with no luck so I started to doubt a bit. :p Then again, White Rider took me 8 hours to spawn so I should have expected as much. lol

  2. 20Forist

    DLC trick is a lot faster. I just ran around the fountain till the ambush enemies from top of fountain jumped down. If I didn’t get the message,? then I knew he wasnt spawning. DLC trick, you can just spawn right on the fountain , walk around a bit, and then repeat.

  3. CheapPopMan

    Is the location of Chemtrail spawn picky about where it triggers or is it kind of like Ginza (White Rider) where you just come up on a particular area around the spawn to trigger it. ? I only need this guy and Trumpeter to complete the random encounter Fiends. I am also attempting to use the DLC trick so not sure how long that is going to take as opposed to your way.

  4. TheGoldspring

    Jsut want to contribute from my own experience. You need at least 1 peprson in your 4-man team that is Weak/Normal Gun, obviously Weak is not recommended. This person can be your MC or a demon. If all is Res/Nu/Drain/Repel Gun, the boss will spam Energy Drain and Megidolaon.?

  5. jedahaw

    oh, i see.
    Personally, i’m focusing on Agility and the rest? of the stats the same amount.
    Trying to find them, but it’s so hard X_X

  6. 20Forist

    No one knows if the DLC area resets the encounter rate. The guaranteed way to work is save in the world map, enter the park, run to the fountain area. Then reload your save at the world map to? try again


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