Shocking: Chemtrails admitted

Support Independent Media – Public Meeting in the San Francisco Bay Area, Geoengineering admitted.

25 thoughts on “Shocking: Chemtrails admitted

  1. StopTheTrailsGR

    People are giving answers, but to be honest you just can’t know. Ok so its proven that heavy metals are being sprayed in the atmosphere, how do we know that they don’t spray other chemicals/biological agents to complete other goals. They could be doing it for money, control, experimentation all sorts of things, once you are allowed to spray atmosphere with substances there is no way of determing where this starts and where it ends. Its just a tool in the hands of “the elite”.

  2. smasherhits

    @wmcconnell91 Watch the documentary “What In The World Are They Spraying” here on youtube..and youll find out what they are spraying

  3. wmcconnell91

    What are the supposed chemicals they are spraying? Nobody will answer that question. This is dumb.

  4. CaJeffO

    Try as you might to put words in my mouth you claim to be so knowledgable, wise and educated. GOOGLE – “CAJeffo ChemTrails”.
    Then show every one how wise and brave you are. Bring yourself to a public debate and play by my debate rules in order to reveal the truth. GOOGLE – “CAJeffO Debate” ….. Step up the the plate & show me what you got.
    Allow a large audience to decide how wise you are too.
    Now if you can do that? Sit down and be quiet. And quit your foolish internet antics.

  5. 767Captain

    @CaJeffO “This silly UTube”?? Wow, how dismissive of the very place you came to spew your ignorance….
    I told you, I looked at your website. It’s worthless. I happen to spend more useful time on another site, besides this one, explaining to all who care to read just how ridiculous the “chem”-trail myth really is. You could stand to learn a thing or two. “UTube” probably frowns on links within their service, to other sites…but, if you just think “Deny Ignorance”, then you will find…..

  6. holistiqDotCom

    how stupid can supposedly intelligent humans be ? it seems this “modern” techno-nutter civilization richly deserves the implicit implosion it is creating .. deeply unfortunate that so many beings may suffer due to the greed and stupidity of the few.

  7. angelodagnolo

    @ozzyman1203 I do know how powerful these demons are but we seem to aid them. We make it easy for them by just doing nothing. I wonder what would happen if no one went to work for a whole month? The systen would take a big blow don’t you think? but how do you organise something like that?

  8. teargardens

    @nickeroo is going to be a good start. When I got into this I had to go back and study the founding fathers of electromagnetic sciences like Maxwell, hertz etc. Then had to study who was financing and suppressing the information. Thomas E. Bearden is the man. I’ve got tons of videos and research and actual patents/blueprints for these devices.It goes DEEP, and is the proverbial rabbit hole. I wont lead you by the hand through it, but that website will get u started

  9. oldbohemian16

    Fight back with orgone. It clears the sky. Keyword: Orgone. Here on YT and internet. Spread the word Chemtards!

  10. teargardens

    @nickeroo Thats true, But technology exists that allows for not only the control of all matter, which means weather, minds,and any system organic or static or nonliving, mind reading, mind wiping, all disease eradication or any disease can be beamed into any living organism.they can use it to reverse time in such a way that you can reverse broken bones or get rid of radiation. The sky’s the limit now for them. They can scan your mind and place that into a synthetic organic/machine. And much more

  11. teargardens

    @waceb That’s horrible. It gets that way too here it’s the sign of the times. It’s sad that you can go and actually look up all the different patents for chemtrail equipment and methods of dispersal if you are so inclined to find out the truth, and yet the sheeple zombies refuse to look into it because their programed not to question authority and they live in fear. FEAR stops most sheeple from having common sense or even being able to recognize the truth. I fear nothing but the Lord. Good luck!

  12. teargardens

    @ozzyman1203 Its disgusting to see a beautiful blue sky be turned into a milky sky before your eyes, while the sheeple ignore the obvious right in front of them. The end is near for this way of life, we try and awaken others but most are engineered to be hostile towards truth. I’m prepared for the worst. From my own studies there is going to be another major earthquake (man made) in the ussa. When that happens our joke of an economy will implode and the MARTIAL LAW takeover will start. NAU, NW0.

  13. nickeroo

    @ozzyman1203 Not really the question I was asking. If the so called elite are purposefully poisoning the people of the world with a view to population reduction, surely it would make sense if they didn’t poison themselves? Otherwise that would be rather counter productive?

  14. ozzyman1203

    @nanciqwerty Maybe, you see, SOME ARE INTERESTED IN WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON, and with the CENSORSHIP taking place.. anywhere a person can find some info, helps.. if “YOU” aren’t interested, NOBODY SAID “YOU” have to watch this, keep your negativity to yourself, and “GO ON….

  15. ozzyman1203

    @nanciqwerty Maybe, you see, SO ARE INTERESTED IN WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON, and with the CENSORSHIP taking place.. anywhere a person can find some info, helps.. if “YOU” aren’t interested, NOBODY SAID “YOU” have to watch this, keep your negativity to yourself, and “GO ON….

  16. ozzyman1203

    @angelodagnolo THEY KILLED A SITTING PRESIDENT IN 1963, AND…. GOT AWAY WITH IT…do “YOU” think you could COME UP with a “PLAN”? ? ? I seriously DOUBT we could “STOP” them, we CAN EXPOSE THEM, AND THERE WILL BE DEATHS….!


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