“Should I Stay or Should I Go” Chemtrails Exposed- Sick Chicago Spraying Oct 7 UFO Sightings 2011

Another sick chemtrail spraying on Chicago yesterday- comment if you were a witness! qoute for this video- “What- what is the fuckin’ matter with you? What a…

20 thoughts on ““Should I Stay or Should I Go” Chemtrails Exposed- Sick Chicago Spraying Oct 7 UFO Sightings 2011

  1. ChitownUFO

    well chemtrails are part of geoengineering, which is basically manipulating the weather to try to control some small part of global warming by spreading fake chem clouds. also thought to be used for missle defense, covering up the sky, controlling the jet stream, depopulation, there’s many theories, also thought is persistent contrails, which would just be ice forming on dirt from the fuel. i think they are spraying chemicals, for many? reasons, mainly the weather. the effects are bad

  2. 13elsyd13

    hey, since? im new and know nothing about this chemtrails, what are they? and what effects are the chemicals being sprayed upon the people do to them?

  3. ASTr9fg

    This is no chemtrail this a contrail it is formed because the compressors in the plane engine compress a lot of air volume into an small chamber and water vapor gets compressed into drops of water that are shot out of the back of the engine. Being that the temperature is so low at such high altitudes the water vapor freezes instantly leading to what is technically a cloud.? Chemtrail may exist ( I doubt it ) but this is not one.

  4. ChitownUFO

    thank you for sharing it i appreciate that :)? hey i just uploaded the whole Draconid meteor shower from Sunday i got it on video :) it’s way too bright to see in Chicago but the camera got it all. really cool 😛 i’ll post your fb page on my profile

  5. TheGamingGod360

    A page… With tons of great photos daily updates.. I shared your video with 461 ppl and I love the music btw!
    Just search
    The Conspiracy Archives
    Thanks for? the upload!

  6. ChitownUFO

    thanks how bout that idiot who says it’s not a UFO, what a noob :) haha hey is that a forum you have on fb??

  7. TheGamingGod360

    Subbed great channel I have a similar operation
    If you or? anyone who sees this check it out on facebook
    The Conspiracy Archives

  8. ChitownUFO

    alrite first of all sorry it’s not a UFO i know that, i try to let you know in the description it’s not a UFO but for some reason none of my videos show in searches so i have to add that for it to even show up under my own username. secondly, i just switched over from rap music because i got too much hate on it so this is my version of? music that other ppl would like. i like it too, but i was using Eminem and other rappers until now. the vid is pretty cool tho

  9. MrHondaStreetpro

    I stopped watching this video at 19 seconds.? Not because of the music (which was horrible), but because this isn’t a UFO. This is clearly a turbine propelled craft or airplane. I see these all the time, but at least you have your eyes on the sky :). And for the music I would try some Mudvayne lol

  10. mustdi39

    @SurvivingSTL They are not really covering anything so that we dnt see it -_ – this video u shared is? of so bad quality and the guy did nt even prov it to be a lens glare etc by putting his thumb infront of the sun! Chemtrails are here for worst reason that you think, its not for hiding anything ! Its filtering out vitamin D and at the same time giving us som hot barium to f*ck us all !

  11. ChitownUFO

    it’s sick the way they bring it down on us isn’t it? what goes up must come down, i’m starting to believe more and more? in the cover up theory

  12. ChitownUFO

    once you see it bad you never forget, starts to make you angry. at first i liked to videotape them, now i just videotape them to record the atrocity. even tho i knew they weren’t right i liked to see them for the? videos. now they just make me feel sick

  13. knightSublime

    Ride axross the green mountains the sky was filled with big juicy? chemtrails. Zinging axcoss the sky every twelve minutes. The sky was filled like it was a cloudy day! 10000 busses exhaust in the sky gently floating down onto my garden!

  14. mustdi39

    well, I just realise they are spraying here too.. did not notice it at all before, as since I am in this country its cloudy everytime, but they spray mostly around 4-6 am, major spray, then during the day they spray in a shocking way. There is a lot of flight activity but no chemtrails but they wait for the plane to get over/in a cloud then they spray, I notice that by freaking luck and you barely? notice the chemtrails but later on it grows really huge. I was like O.O
    Am subd indeed!

  15. ChitownUFO

    no where to go and that was just the first 3 i taped about 7 more in a? half hour span, thanks for watching, i know you must be subbed cause my vids don’t go in search now. so Thank You :)


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