25 thoughts on “SICK SINCE (CHEMTRAILS)

  1. campbellmo63933

    this scares me !!!…i have been sick for years when i was once healthy-i was askied by my doctors if while i did serve in military if i had any shots that were unidentified-which i hadnt but wheni went from healthy and strong to sick ..just makes me wonder if i was exposed if this is true…

  2. TheTinker2e

    Yesterday was? 11/3/2010 and there were so many chemtrails in the skys over Santa Cruz, CA that the air looked? like fog and smelled like LA. I have asmtha and I could not breath. I called the EPA in Monterey and they said that they could not test anything in the air unless there was a fire or somekind of accident. These “contrails” are just taking over the skys.

  3. MikeFromTheUK1

    A really good documentary is going to be released soon October 22nd 2010 and it will be called “What On Earth Are They Spraying” please do check it out if you want to know more about Chemtrails.

  4. atowncalledd

    i sent you a message about the satanc suprstore advertised by google on your site i couldnt seem to post the message it did register as sent so i assumed i was blocked as i couldnt post it on your channel either but i can post here so i dont know why i cant send a message the advert isnt there anymore

  5. eternalblackproject1

    This is a message directly to Sick Since. may God be with you and i hope you are sincere, and not illuminate bloodlines, for the most part U B spittin correct. however, the fallen angels wish to cause anarchy and crush belief in ALMIGHTY GOD who exists. These clay humans in Dan 2 :43 feet. r, u iron? Tupac was directing his verse “Hope all your kids don’t grow, and your worm u deserve to die” clay Nephlim. I fear your associate spittn’ Moses is b.s. may be a dagger in your back. Dan 2:42,43

  6. MrBuckwilliam

    well, i got bad cardio-vascular and diabetes in the last decade and a half… i guess my body is reacting to the plan… they only got a short time left to kill five and a half billion of us off. i’m in that group i guess. and most everyone i know too.
    they figure life will be much better with only five hundred million folks on the planet.
    i’m still going to do my best to enjoy what i have left.
    best wishes to you all :)

  7. MrGopherhead

    TrutherD1 independently verified chemtrails alright. His claims are independent of all facts that show persistent contrails are just that contrails.


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