SINGULATRUM – The Singular Truth Part 1 ( The Secret Covenant )

Here is a Brand New Series i am going to work on over the coming Weeks/Months dealing with some of the most important Core information of our times.. Covering things from the far ancient world, up to the modern age.. of the monlithic agenda of the few over the many… Please Re-Upload and Share Far and Wide!! Part 1a (The “Secret Pact”, the “Secret Covenant”) Unknown Author.. WEBMASTER:- This article originally titled “The Secret Covenant” was sent anonymously with an unusable email address to, a financial advisor dot-com company located in Florida, USA. Initially I was unable to located the original English version of this article in Somebody translated the article into Spanish and placed it in ( The Link is now down) I translated the Spanish version into English and published it in this website. From a reader I received later on the original English version which I compared to my translation for accuracy. Here is now posted the original version which has replaced my translation. Subscribe:-

25 thoughts on “SINGULATRUM – The Singular Truth Part 1 ( The Secret Covenant )

  1. Jesuisquejesuis

    Hey, this is a pretty good attempt to connect the dots. If you want feedback, here is some. I think you would benefit from contacting Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion, Richard Hoagland, David Icke and George Kassivilis. You’re trying to reach a younger audience who were not indoctrinated, rather than educated in classical knowledge. If you can collaborate with some of these people, you could change your generation’s destiny.

  2. jeninlight

    If you live in fear of conspiracy (or aliens, or whatever), “they” have already won
    Learn to search inside yourself for your own truth, find your inner being
    Open to light and love (and not in a “god” sense ppl, I am not “religious”, I just am) And they cannot touch you.
    “God” isn’t A being.
    God simply IS being.
    You, me, the little ants and the trees, all things are being.

  3. Dali777

    @fywacia = absolutely right, the christians are fed the nonsense from the zionists that some lizzies are responsible, so they take away the attention from the elite war monger parasite murderers … 75% of churches in usa are zionist owned for profit non profit organizations …

  4. Dali777

    just read the writings of Elders of Zion, what the rockefeller, vatican and queen of england elite scam concoct for the masses … myspace/xirdal

  5. fywacia

    @Sweetybboy The video was done by a well meaning Christian fundamentalist. That’s an obvious oxymoron but I’m trying here. This person has tied to corporate human agenda in with the ET agenda which clearly isn’t the same. Anytime you cloud your mind with religion nothing good comes of it. Take what you can from this video but keep in mind that it’s misguided at the very core.

  6. fywacia

    I just saw the “sex” word spelling out in the lion king clip. This video was obviously made by fundamentalist Christian. So much for seeing clearly.

  7. Sweetybboy

    i wanna know that that whom rules of this video saying??
    i mean this is rules to us from ALIENS???
    or how is controling us… just humans

  8. TheMorbiousStone

    @pdderek U R sad The new testament is not New age its a continuation of the Torah and the terminology “new age” Is not subjective it has a definition dumb ass, and again They don’t contradict I’ve read them What so one See a detail or 2 the others did not and that constitutes a contradiction? No its Something each of them saw the others did not otherwise the stories all fall in line You are demented and sad ” Away From Me satan For it is written Thou shat worship The Lord Your God and him Only

  9. pdderek

    @TheMorbiousStone New Age is all a matter of perspective. I believe Man has been around studying God FAR BEFORE your new age holy book. Study the tibetan book of the dead, the torah, The Vedas, The Eightfold Path, The Emerald Tablets…all predate your New Age Christianity by thousands of years.

    Jesus never claimed he was born of a virgin, right? Re-read your 1611 whatever whatever. Oh also take note of the study released lately that the ENTIRE OLD TESTAMENT was incorrectly translated

  10. pdderek

    @pdderek Only a fucking know-it-all Christian would consider that religion ancient. Hindu, Judaism, Paeganism, Buddhism, ALL OF THEM, out date your NEW AGE BULLSHIT.

    Not to mention Church of Latter Day Saints, Jehovas Witnesses, etc etc. Face it, BRO, behind Islam and Scientology YOU ARE NEW AGE.

    I’ll be in Seattle for the next week visiting my RL friends and camping and playing Ultimate frisbee in the sun.

    You’re a new-age faggot hater. Grow up

  11. TheMorbiousStone

    @pdderek Christianity and Nnew age” are Diametrically Opposed retard I think you are the new age tard Man Stop commenting to me and get some RL friends LOL

  12. pdderek

    @TheMorbiousStone I was talking to a Muslim. Keep your new age Christian bullshit out of the conversation if you can’t keep up.

    And since we’re on the subject, Why do you believe the Council of Nicaea to decide what SHOULD and SHOULD NOT be in the bible? Why do you listen to contradicting stories of Jesus where one disciple (who actually lived with Jesus) mentions NOTHING of his divinity/virgin birth while other “disciples” say he was born of a virgin miraculously?

    You’re BAHH BAHH sheep

  13. TheMorbiousStone

    @pzmtuthcvpvl wow you think your some kind of intellect? but you are more than likely schizophrenic peace freak

  14. pzmtuthcvpvl

    @TheMorbiousStone okay ~ maybe l should have watched Grand Prix on FOX and get excited about the Pep Boys commercial ….. would l still fail ?… they use lead pipes ( on the whiskey still ~ thought l better explain it to you ) and dont pay taxes on the whiskey from the still so be sure and dont mention that on F.B. ( unless of course they got some good whiskey recopies )

  15. TheMorbiousStone

    @pzmtuthcvpvl Um I understand your hate for fakebook but that’s where a shit load of dip shits playing farm ville (ROTFL)are DUUUUH and Thats a shit load of people to talk to and share with , get a grip in fact ass thats how i found this upload smh you are missing the point !!!!!!its the equivalent to highjacking fox news everyday with out going to jail again duh genius

  16. pzmtuthcvpvl

    okay all you critics ~ we make this stuff up to confuse one another and it is not really happening — you can go back to whatever you were doing and everything will be okay

  17. pzmtuthcvpvl

    @TheMorbiousStone dont even mention farcebook ~ that is just the repo-man + unless of course you want to call him and tell him to tell your wife to come home and make dinner — which would it’s self be a greater fantasy than the one fed them on Farceful Faux News

  18. TheMorbiousStone

    @pdderek Umm nice False logical argument People release thew books I reaad my 1611 KVJ Thanks hollow ass

  19. pdderek

    @TheTruthIsFromGod If God is so all powerful and perfect how come he keeps releasing NEW EDITIONS OF HIS FUCKING BOOK every 500 years or so?

    You’d think he’d get it right the FIRST TIME…no?

    Islam is just the latest branch of MIND CONTROL. You talk about mind control from devils and demons. We do not need devils and demons. PEOPLE are controlling your mind through faith in bullshit


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