Sky Machine Chemtrail TV. infopowerment USA Love & Truth Tour Day 138

IN YOUR FACE !! Zap Sky TV Where truth is stranger then fiction.

25 thoughts on “Sky Machine Chemtrail TV. infopowerment USA Love & Truth Tour Day 138

  1. redpill1010

    Hi Scott – in this one, there is no beam. There instead is a common reflective anomaly of digital camera lenses. My business is taking pics of the sky and I have to deal with this all of the time. You are an awesome asset to all of us Scott.

  2. QuietBuck

    Want to see this before it was put up (most likely). Watch this video, notice the makers comments about the pink reflection or light. I believe that is the purple lens or such we see once turned on in your video. (watch?v=tj4sOjHi7sE) Oddly, I also believe I found this beam item on rock art from old Native items. I think it is part of Sky TV. Maybe the lens projectors for color hence the color orb ufo’s as test dots? Being more on the ground at A.51, 4 poles = 4 main TV colors (R, B, G, Y).

  3. CuteCatFaith

    I favorited and tweeted this and wonder what my students in France will make of it! Check out me teaching them about Bretton Woods and the World Bank. It is on SLOBOMOTION. These are materials given to me by the University of Paris! I tell them that France is not a democracy. Way fun. xo

  4. owlwoman911

    this is tesla. did you know he blew up northern siberia trying to congratulate Byrd for reaching the north pole[thank God he missed or we would have been swimming for last hundred yrs.] semi-apocryphal story,but entire haarp, other horrors based on his stuff. elf waves etc. i have prob. fixed it so this wont post. have written about 23 posts today all but a few dropped.most to you but too much info. i will just say they sacked my site,put hate videos in my playlist, and renamed one playlist

  5. grutmesed

    Eh! yeah I think that’s like a huge crack pipe type gizmo launcher used to fire cocaine rocket’s into the sky that leave chemtrail rainbows in the sky man.


    Hey scott i was just watching clone wars and they had somthing that looked like that gizmo shooting the same kind of beam,it was making a force feild bubble,maybe to stop china ICBM he ehe ,just more trippyness……bug bug bug bug bug bug bug bug.

  7. believersunderground

    @EXOMATRlXTV if we did’nt see it with our own eye’s. I would have had a hard time believing it. A new sub thinks it is a solor energy thing using sound transfered into energy. he had some good stuff. trippy stuff hahaha. yet it’s nothing to me. boys with toy’s. God Rules. Love Scott (BUG)

  8. Iseeit4u

    I believe in chemtrails so please don’t think this is anti bug or anti truth. I do have a question about all of this. Why/how does this stuff stay up there long enough to project anything onto it? I know volcano ash falls and gets carried on wind but does not stay up/stay in one area, stay condensed so how can these metal particulates? I know there is an explination but havn’t heard it yet. Just wanna know. PEACE

  9. SkyBlueAugust

    Could the purple beam be LIDAR — UV pulsed laser beam through clouds of metal particulates used for surveillance?

  10. escape4x4123

    Hi Scott! Henning speculates that chemtrails are being used to block the light of in coming nibiru; so that we the people can’t see it. Your thoughts, please! Here in Asia we’ve been getting bombarded by CT everyday that the wind doesn’t blow. Thank you for the videos. Wish I had a friend like you. Love!

  11. laelmom

    It’s a way to check and see if the levals of chem trail mix are right for the demons that are coming out of the ground. It’s anyones guess right now. Chem trails make us sluggish.

  12. AlexKalicinski

    Your Gizmo is ionizing the atmosphere using the metallic compounds (chemtrails) being sprayed.

    To boost phone signals.

  13. freakoutguitarsolo1


    “”Synthetic Life?” The New Industrial Revolution? (Bioethics Seminar) ”
    you might wanna check this out, new from today. i have been subscribed to their channel for a while now.

  14. believersunderground

    @luke94123 it has a lot of bang for it’s buck. that is just one thing it can be used for. the sheeple believe !!! the TV Zombies hahahaha. Love Scott (BUG) great comment

  15. believersunderground

    @globalpyracy you can see it charging up before it went off. now that was trippy. yep it looks like they got them set up all around looking at the comments. someone was going to see this sooner are later. oh well. now we have seen it. what can I say it’s sad. Love Scott (BUG)


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