If this is Smart dust, it’s no match for a green laser pointer! ..Take a look at what we could be breathing.

25 thoughts on “SMART DUST, AIRBORNE IN THE UK? (HD)

  1. 1likeminded

    These nano particles once inside our bodies and accumulating will communicate with each other and create a network of integrated artificial life taking on it’s own processes of inter-communication with frequency modulators designed to instill emotion upon the host subject rendering us as capsules containing a soul ready for harvest. THIS IS PART OF THE AGENDA 21 FOR TOTAL CONTROL OF ANYONE WHO LIVES THROUGH THE APOCALYPSE. WE MUST REVOLT BY EXPOSING CHEMTRAILS AND BOMB ALL HAARP’S IMMEDIATELY!!

  2. Akillesefourtwenty

    This maybe part of chemtrails was 4. But there other theories on it that could make sense. But ur right something is going on. Have u looked @ this stuff under uh microscope? I belive it’s not just uh big brother thing but direct illuminoti. We need 2 organize & fight back. Mentally & physically if nessary. If we don’t what we still have WILL b stripped away n time. Time 4 this is creeping past us now. I can c this! Ppl need 2 organize. Resistance!!!

  3. ucihapokujin

    @aslxk you’re not going to find much with a laser pointer…what you need is a beam of white light, a monochrometer that can talk to a computer, a computer that knows how to scan some portion of the EM spectrum, something photovoltaic as a detector, an electron multiplier to make the signal more detectable, and you’ll need some way to look at your sample while it’s contained within a vacuum.

    i’d reccommend an ion pump for that last one

  4. Angie4OneGod

    @aslxk ..I have one like this that checks my pools water tempt. Doesnt give the lazer size but they work like this and cost around $100

  5. AIEmpire

    Smart dust motes still cost around $50 each, it would be damn expensive to drop that many over a large area.

  6. 3lviejobuddy

    Oh no, scary technology! What a bunch of douchebags. What ya really need to be afraid of is aliens (which aren’t aliens at all, they’re what we’ve evolved into millions of years from now), that’s the real threat.

  7. Ipoetize

    @GrandHighGamer watch the video again this time with the sound off so you can concentrate and decide for yourself.

  8. Maxheadroom0

    To test if a camera flash emitts an EMP, just get an old computer you don’t care about and run the computer, then put your flash next to the north or southbridge chipset, then set off the flash and see what happens! Hmmmmm…
    Maybee i will produce a video on this!


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