19 thoughts on “Solar Flare – 311

  1. absolutshrimp151

    i randomly moved my mouse up to the actual video, on the way there it passed the time bar, and the point in which it passed, was at 3:11….

  2. corvetteseeker


    Contrails are your typical airplane emission. It is condensation that usually evaporates within 30 seconds to a minute. Chemtrails contain particles that cannot evaporate and are suspended into the air. Barium and aluminum are commonly found in this matter. Just Google “geoengineering” and “terraforming” and you will find official government department discussing their chemtrail program.

  3. WellSightedGentleman

    I guess las vegas would get a bit hot through the day for all those lard arsed gamblers who frequent that place.
    good evidence of Geoengineering dewd
    you know chemtrails, thats just a bullshit story of subterfuge to shield Climate engineering.
    but hey, i probably didnt need to tell you that, but now you know

  4. Downfacingdog

    That chemtrail consists mostly of hydrogen and oxygen with a smattering of improperly burnt hydrocarbon fuel. Nothing phenominal here.


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